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Are you seeking for Best Google Ads Service Provider in Bangladesh? You’re in the right area! Check our services and Achieve results with a data-driven Google Ads Agency.

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Our Google Ads Services

Search Ads

There are 9 billion search (as of 2022) ads every day on Google. Target people searching for your product. Search ads allow companies and products to buy the top slot on a search engine result page (SERP). Our search ad services will target:

  • Brands and products people already know and understand
  • People with high purchase intent
  • Capturing people from other ads channels

Display Ads

Drive brand awareness and results. Display ads are the banners, images, and videos that appear across websites, videos, and apps. Our Display ads will help create:

  • Brand awareness
  • Remarketing

YouTube Video Ads

After Google, YouTube is the most visited website in the world with 122 billion users daily.  Target audiences on YouTube. Get noticed with our video ads services. We provide:

  • In-stream skippable video ads
  • In-stream non-skippable video ads
  • Bumper video ads
  • Video Discovery video ads

Shopping Ads

Promote your products to people who want to purchase. Shopping ads are available for physical e-commerce products. Our services will:

  • Focus on high intent terms
  • Provide relevant information to visitors
  • Discourage attention from wrong customers and audience

Local Ads

Attract customers to your physical store. 46% of all Google searches are for local intent. Our Local campaign ad services will be displayed on:

  • Google Search
  • Display
  • YouTube
  • Google Maps

Dynamic Retargeting

Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app.

  • Simple, yet powerful feeds
  • High-performance layouts
  • Real-time bid optimization

Optimized Ad Spend

Google Ads marketing agency in affordable and optimized pricing.

Consistent Revenue

We don’t care if your business is seasonal or operates all year long. We only care about
consistent Revenue and Results.

Why chose digiSocial?

Transparent reporting – We never hide behind empty numbers and catchy words in our white-label PPC management and reporting system. Everything we do is aimed to help your business grow and drive results.

Results and relationships – We invest in building healthy bonds with our clients and employees. Tell us your business aims, plans and goals, then let us create a customized strategy.

Dedicated Digital Marketing experts – We want to be an extension to your business, working to grow your results with us.

Small focused team  – You won’t just be sent to interns, you’ll get assistance from our PPC marketing experts.

Flexible pricing – We provide fair prices, inside details, proper planning as well as constant updates on the project.

More than 80% of global businesses trust Google Ads for PPC campaigns

People are four times more likely to click ads on Google 63% than any other advertisement network

Users who visit a website through Google Ads’ PPC ads are 50% more likely to purchase

Increased Conversions

High-performing ad campaigns and quality landing pages.



Account Optimization

On-going optimization ensures your strategy is constantly evolving, engaging your audience and staying ahead of competitors.

Competitor Analysis

In-depth competitor analysis highlights potential opportunities and identifies areas of weakness where your rivals may be outperforming you.

Keyword Research

We’ll research the most rewarding and relevant keywords, enabling us to pinpoint the exact words that will showcase your ads in front of your desired audience.

Ad Copywriting

Compelling copy is the difference between impressions and clicks. We’ll create content that inspires users to click.

Landing Page Optimization

An attractive landing page that targets your audience will show improved results and give users an experience they’ll never forget.


Consistent and thorough reporting will prioritize revenue generated, improve Google Ads ROI, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you need help finding a Google Ads agency there are several important things to consider. First, keep in mind that Google Ads is a competitive digital marketing channel. There are so many agencies to choose from that are specialized in specific industries. Find a digital marketing agency that has a strong track record of consistent wins and campaigns within your industry, no need to go in-house, trust us.

Google Ads is a popular PPC (Pay Per Click) online advertising method. What is PPC in digital marketing? When you advertise with Google Ads you attempt to show your ad in Google’s search engine. It is known as PPC because you pay for each visit to your website. The cost of each click depends on two important elements: how competitive the keyword is and how relevant your landing page design is to the search query. We will do the keyword research for you. When you write good ad copy that lead to a quality website, the cost-per-click (CPC), also an auction bid, costs less. You can manage the amount you want to spend on a daily, weekly, monthly, or lifetime basis. Creating an efficient Google Ads program can have a significant impact on business growth as users still go to Google to answer their questions. Google Ads has strong collaboration with Google Analytics and the rest of Google’s suite of tools.

When it makes sense, like when we’re working on really big goals, we’ll ask for a larger commitment. Because it protects us both. When you do your free consultation we can discuss the details.

Absolutely. All the data, images, words, videos, jingles, and anything we create together to meet your goals is yours. Even if you move on to work with someone else or stay with us.

3 pm. 3 am. Whenever you want. We make sure you have full access to your accounts from the start.

We use a few different pricing models to make sure you’re getting the most out of our services and make sure our employees are paid well, on time, and getting quality of life improvements in the workspace.

While we don’t have a specific minimum or maximum, our marketing campaigns usually start from 35,000 BDT each month.

We have extensive experience in various industries. If you’re in the fashion industry, lead generation, eCommerce, or anything else, we can certainly help.

We leave that decision up to you. But given the choice, we like to stick with the accounts you have open already.

We have reporting tools and structures to match your needs. Check as often as you want or let us send regular reports with all the important information.

No thanks. We get paid well because we deliver amazing results. No results? We won’t accept your money.

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