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digiSocial limited is significant about the privacy policy that assures customers’ online security. It has created this privacy policy by dint of disclosing the data accumulation and distribution practices. By visiting the website you approve and admit to the privacy of digiSocial.com.bd

Personal Info

We gather personal information in different ways. When the users take our service we normally ask for specific information so that we can define their identity to contact them. For personal identification we usually receive:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Business name
  • URL
  • Address
  • Personal data of the users are displayed on our website
  • Data about how users take service from our website
  • Users’ choice (marketing and contact)
  • Information while users contact over the phone or by email
  • Events photography
  • Cookies  

Non-personal info

We receive non-personal information from users while reaching out to our site. We notice:

  • Technical data (IP address, login data, browser, time, zone, devise)  
  • Operating system
  • Internet service provider  

Tracking & Web Browser Cookies

We track technology to record the action. And when the users visit our site we use cookies to intensify the purchaser involvement.  In addition, users have the freedom to trash cookies as a result, the activity of the site may not work properly. 

The process of using the Information

digiSocial collects customer’s personal information  and used it in these ways:

  • Developing assistance
    The feedback we get from customers helps us to develop our services.

  • Understanding customer’s experience
    We monitor to understand how our customers receive our service on our website.

  • Flourishing our website
    Based on the evaluation, we try to progress our services.

  • Starting promotion, survey, and other site traits
    We share our new thoughts and ideas to know about their interests.

  • Recurring Emails
    We send emails to get users’ reactions and other queries. Customers who want to connect with us will get our news, services, and more information. Or if they don’t want to get any more information from us they can unsubscribe us.

digiSocial Assure Customer protection

We maintain a privacy policy in such a way that the customers can rely on us. We offer:

  • Share any problems with us
  • Children’s online security act
  • User has right to check own personal information
  • User has right to delete own personal data
  • We offer do-not-track requests
  • We don’t take any advantage form user’s personal information
  • Pull out of user’s assent
  • User has right to change own privacy policy

Contact Us
If you have any queries to learn more about privacy policy please contact us:

digiSocial Limited
Flat No. 2B, House No. 50/51, Road No. 03, Janata Housing Society, Ring Road, Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207

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Who We Are

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