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While visiting this website, you will get some terms and conditions to take our service. You can’t deny any of our terms. If you don’t agree with local laws then you are not allowed to use or take any services from our sites. The objective of this website is secured from the relevant copyright and trademark law.

Use License

Approval is acknowledged for temporarily logging in one copy substantial on digiSocial’s website for particular, non-commercial short-term perceiving only. This is a concession of the license. In addition, at the bottom of the license, you can’t:

  • Make a replica of fundamentals
  • Use fundamentals for any trading or social act.  
  • Plan to switch any software of digiSocial’s website.
  • Plan to delete any ownership from materials
  • Plan to move any materials to another server

If you plan to break any rules, the license will detect you undoubtedly. After detection, you will be taken into custody.  


digiSocial’s website only affords “just as”. That means we don’t offer guarantees, disclosed, unspoked, and with this disclaims disallow all other guarantees, as well as beyond condition, indirect warranties or action of profitable, strength for a distinct reason, or other disturbance of legitimate. Again, digiSocial never claims any delegation that is connected with certainty, for example, the decision or security of the fundamentals of digiSocial’s website or any other sites.


digiSocial is accountable for any harm such as loss of data or cropping up of the use or failure to use fundamentals of digiSocial’s internet site.  

Revision and Correction

Some technical or photographic flaws may create on digiSocial’s website. As a result, digiSocial doesn’t offer any guarantee of its fundamentals that are visible on its website.  So, digiSocial will change if any error occurs on its website without giving any consideration.


digiSocial never scanned any links to its website and is not liable for any liked site. The usage of the link on a website is a hazard for users.  

Administrative law

Any allegation associated with digiSocial’s website will be conducted by law of Bangladesh without consideration of its combat of law agreement.

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