Google Helpful Content Update 2023: Important things you need to know

Google’s helpful content algorithm update has rolled out on August 25 ( since then a lot of rumors and ideas on what the actual rollout is all about.

The update may be one of the biggest core updates Google has rolled out over the years. With keeping those updates in mind you have to create and also update the contents which are not people-first and not created with SEO ranking in mind.

To that effect, I am writing this article to inform and be helpful.

Today I will be discussing, Google’s helpful content update 2023: Important things you need to know to create people-first content.

OK let’s do it!!!

What is helpful content according to Google?

The internet is full of websites that have little to no useful content for users. The searchers are not getting what they are looking for and the result is unsatisfied users.

In previous updates, Google has been asking content creators not to create content for Google ranking only. And over the years more writers have been pushed to write content with keyword stuffing and another absolute no from Google.

Finally, Google is going to weed out unhelpful content so that the searchers can have a better experience when using Google to search for their query.

So the answer to the question is content that imparts helpful information to the searchers so that they don’t have to leave your website and look for the same information somewhere else on the internet. 

This update from Google is essentially to find out who is producing a lot of content in the hope to rank a few blogs and then increase their traffic.

How does Google’s helpful content update 2023 work?

It’s a site-wide signal identifying content that is not helpful to searchers. 

All content that has low value and a high amount of unhelpful will be less likely to perform well and they are the target audience for Google algorithm.

Removing the unhelpful content and following all of Google’s guidelines may help your website to return to normal if they don’t find the unhelpful content is creeping back.

The rollout will impact globally to all English-written sites and slowly impact non-English sites as well.

8 things creators should know about Google’s helpful content update

Google helpful content will determine the content value by measuring these 8 things that all content writers should adhere to. They are as follows:

Following Google’s previous guidelines

The core updates that had rolled out before this one should always be at the back of your mind. 

When creating content you should stick to the guidelines provided by Google, 

While following the previous guidelines provided by Google you also need to stick to these Updates rules which is people-first content.

Expertise in the topic

You need to show your expertise on the topic you are covering. The signal Google has rolled out will be looking for your expertise on the content.

You must ask yourself:

Are the searchers getting enough information from your content?

Are you summarizing?

Are the searchers getting any actual information?

Will the searchers be satisfied with the information you provided?

With proper research and time, if you give the correct information, Google’s new update won’t even touch you.

People first content

In this new update, Google insists that your content should be written with people first in your mind.

The information you share should be authentic and they should be leaving your website feeling content with your content. 

If this is not done then Google will punish you severely with the new update if your content is not helpful for the users with proper and actual information.

If you are still writing to rank your content then you should stop right now. Stop wasting your, Google’s, and the searchers’ time.

You need to start thinking about the people you are writing the content for rather than stuffing a lot of keywords to make the rank on Google.

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The days of driving traffic through a lot of unhelpful content with the hopes that some will rank and that will help you to get the traffic are gone.

You need to focus on your relevant niche

You should focus on your relevant niche which you are an expert at, this is what Google wants to form its content creator.

If you are not focused on a specific niche that is relevant to the product or service you trying to sell then Google will consider your content unhelpful.

Google’s new signal will punish those sites which have many topics in a variety of niches that are not helpful for the searchers.

Google wants us content creators to do more research and become an expert in a single niche. So you can impart the proper knowledge to your searchers. Your content should have all the information the people are wanting from their search. 

This will benefit everyone who is using the internet because as of this moment, it is wash full of unhelpful content.

Did you provide relevant and important information?

Providing only relevant information those are important for the searchers is what Google is looking for in the content.

If you can achieve this by keeping within the guidelines then Google will reward you by putting your content in front of the appropriate user.

This is simply done by putting only the information that is helpful to the searchers. If not, well you already know, then you will be penalized.

Making sure the searchers don’t have to leave and look for the same information again

If your searchers leave your website and go to another website just to look for the same information then your content will be considered unhelpful.

This is due to unhelpful content, and finally, Google is thinking about the searchers and determining what is helpful for them.

All sites will be affected by this update which has a high bounce rate.

Will the readers be satisfied?

When creating content you need to think about people-first, and whether are they satisfied with the content. If they are not then there is a high chance that the content is not helpful. 

Google’s new signal will determine that if the searchers are not satisfied then that site will be penalized.

But if your site has some content that is highly helpful and the searchers are also satisfied but a few of the contents are not that helpful then the update may not affect them. Still just to be safe, removing unhelpful content is highly recommended by Google.

8 Things to avoid when creating helpful content

To avoid getting penalized by the new helpful content update, you need to follow these 8 things that Google categorizes as unsatisfying for the searchers.

The things to avoid when creating helping content are:

Only Driving Traffic

Content created to drive traffic by keyword stuffing, topics on various niches, and many more bad SEO practices with only driving traffic in mind. These tactics while creating content will not work anymore.

SEO is needed for organic traffic driving but SEO is not driving traffic only, it is getting relevant and targeted traffic. Check our Result-driven SEO Services at affordable prices.

Topic Specific

Not writing on a specific topic rather than selecting a lot of topics in the hopes of ranking some and driving traffic from there. These so-called SEO tactics will not work anymore after this rollout is done rolling out.

AI Produced Contents

Making a lot of AI content in hopes to publish a lot of content in various niches is another way to get hit by this core update.

No Value Added

Reverse engineering will not help you anymore to write expert content! If you are still thinking that this will work then you are in denial and need to step out of this thinking and start creating your own valuable content.

Not Writing on Relevant Trending Topics

Don’t write on trending topics without any relevance. You should only write on the trending topics that are relevant to your niche. If you plan on writing only trending topics and not keeping relevance then your content will be classified as unhelpful content.

Specific Word Count

Are you writing to a particular word count because you’ve heard or read that Google prefers short or long content? Google has no word count limit, all Google wants is relevant helpful content for the searchers.

Not giving expert opinions

Content only for driving traffic but has no real expertise on the topic because you have no expert opinion to give as you are not an expert on that topic which is why you are unable to provide any expert opinion.

Fake News

Imparting fake news is a big no-no to Google, if you are not sure about a fact then it is highly recommended that you don’t share that information. You should only write about what you know to be true, like spreading fake news about a release date of a music video.

Not following Good Practice

You should always follow the guidelines set up by Google so that you avoid getting penalized.


Final Verdict
If you want to know the Google helpful content update 2023 and the important things to know then read the whole article and make the informed decision yourself.

You will be able to know what to do now as the update is beginning to roll out. How can you help Google determine that your site’s contents are helpful? What to do if you have unhelpful content on your site and lastly how you can come to the right side of doing things? 

Hope this article was helpful and you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

You can also read Things to Know When Hiring Content Writing Service. Hope this guide will help you also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rollout has already started on August 25 and ended on September 9, 2022.

The rollout may take months and if the site’s unhelpful contents are not back then the signal classification will no longer apply is what the Google Developer page suggests.

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