How to Recover Deleted Facebook Ads Campaign in 2023

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You can’t deny the popularity of Facebook for sure. If you are taking advantage of this popularity as an advertiser by running different Facebook ad campaigns, you are golden. The problem occurs when you delete single or multiple Facebook ads by mistake. Are you facing this same problem? Thinking about what to do now?

No worries. Because we will discuss how to recover deleted Facebook Ads in 2023 in Bangladesh here. 

How to Recover a Deleted Facebook Ad Campaign?

If you want to recover a Facebook Ad Campaign that you have deleted manually, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. At first, log in to your Facebook account and go to the Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Click on “Filters” at the top left of your screen. Then go to Delivery, and click “Campaign Delivery”.

facebook ads filter option

3. Next, choose the option “Deleted” and click “Apply”.

4. Now, you can see your deleted ads, choose the ad you want to recover.

deleted facebook ads campaign

5. Then you can see your ad details on this dialogue box, click top left and choose “Duplicate”.

facebook ads campaign duplicate items

6. After that, if you like to show available comments, reactions, and shares on new ads, ensure to choose this option, and hit “Duplicate”. Click Publish. 

facebook ads campaign

7. Now, your job is done and you have all the things you need from the ad you deleted!

Now, you must have got your answer to the question- how to recover deleted ads on Facebook?

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Restrictions on recovering deleted campaigns:

While Facebook Ads Manager does offer the option to retrieve unintentionally deleted campaigns, it’s important to note certain limitations. Facebook retains data for deleted campaigns for a specific period of time. If the campaign was deleted beyond this period, recovery becomes impossible.

Wrap Ups:

Now, you must be clear about how to recover deleted Facebook Ads campaigns or accidentally deleted Facebook campaigns. In case, you have any queries, ask them in the comment section! We are here to help you out with master Facebook marketing in Bangladesh! 🙂

Whether you are a Facebook ads expert or have little knowledge about Facebook ads, you may have Facebook ads account disabled issue. Then read our guide on How to recover permanently disabled Facebook ad account. Hope it will help you as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have already explained it in our above discussion. Please go through this article. 

You need to recover a deleted Facebook ad campaign because you will need different important information regarding that ad campaign at any time for marketing purposes and also for billing purposes. You can have help from there to run other Facebook ads. If you delete an ad its billing details will also be deleted. If you haven’t made all the payments yet, you won’t get that billing information unless you recover that ad.

The billing information sent to you from Facebook and billing information available with you in your Facebook ad accounts will be different. So, then you can become confused.

A campaign on Facebook means a Facebook page, which is used for promoting a certain event or campaign. These campaign Facebook pages are used to recruit volunteers, collect donations, spread the message regarding the campaign, and the like. These pages are a strong way to communicate with probable supporters online and involve them in the campaign.

You are required to create your business Facebook page to begin a campaign on Facebook. After you have created your page, you can develop an ad campaign from the Facebook Ads Manager.

A Facebook paid campaign serves as a means for your business to promote your services or products to a certain audience on Facebook. You can develop a campaign and select to pay for that to be displayed to viewers who meet specific criteria like age, interests, location, occupation, and the like. 

Facebook lead campaigns serve as a means for collecting details from prospects on your page on Facebook. You have the option to develop a lead form to get contact details such as name and email ID, or you have the option to get more details regarding the needs of your lead. When anyone fills up your form, that information is auto-added to your Google Drive account’s spreadsheet.

No. They are not actually the same. Campaigns represent broader terms that can refer to any sort of marketing effort. Whereas ads are a certain kind of campaign that is focused on paid advertisement. Other sorts of campaigns consist of content marketing, PR, and social media.

A campaign’s example is when a business tries to enhance sales by giving free products or discounts.

Facebook ads will cost you anywhere from BDT 500 to BDT 1000 per day, based on your ad’s targeting and size.

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