Why Do My Facebook Ads Keep Getting Rejected 2023

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Are you running various Facebook ads to get the advantage of the increased popularity of this platform? If yes, you might have faced the problem of your ads being rejected by Facebook for various reasons. Then this question must have come to your mind for sure- why are my Facebook ads getting rejected? Not getting any suitable answers?

Don’t get puzzled. I will give you a detailed reply to your question- why do my Facebook ads keep getting rejected in 2023 in Bangladesh?

How Process of Ad Review Work?

Facebook has designed a review system to review each ad before going live. The system initially depends on largely automated technology to use its advertising policies for numerous ads that show across its apps. They depend on their teams to develop and train all of the systems, and again, in certain cases, to review ads manually.

Generally, ad reviews are done within a whole day i.e. 24 hours. It can take also longer, and the system can review again after the ads are live. An ad will be either approved to run or rejected based on its review results. When the ad gets rejected, the advertiser has the option to create another ad with a new ad maker or simply revise that rejected ad.

The advertiser also has the option to ask for another review when they are confident that Facebook incorrectly rejected their ad. The ad review process depends more deeply on human reviewer teams to process requests for re-review from advertisers. Still, they are developing ways to maximize automation.

Above all, the ad review process also reviews and investigates advertiser behavior such as how many ads were previously rejected, the violation type’s severity, and the attempts to roam around the process of ad review. Facebook can take action against the advertisers who violated its policies and the advertisers can lose their ability to show ads on this platform.

Factors Affecting Your Ad Approval Time

Facebook ad approval and review time will differ from some minutes to even a day. The ads you make, remain in the queue, and then Facebook operatives view them and work to either approve or reject them. Some main factors that affect your ad approval time are as follows:

  • Ad History of Facebook: When you have been operating Facebook ads for quite a long time and don’t have rejected ads at all or that much, this feature can work for you.
  • The Years’ Time– Facebook’s ad review system is mostly automated, but it can get overloaded when there is high traffic. Suppose, in Bangladesh, during Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Azha, your ads can take a lot of time to get approval especially, if they have to go through a manual process of review.
  • Manual Reviews- When your ad goes through an automated review, it won’t take much time to get reviewed, mostly 24 hours. The process gets delayed, when your ad falls under the manual review. So, try to meet all the policies of Facebook advertising regarding images, content, and copy so that you don’t need a manual review.
  • Ad Spend on Facebook- It can sound a bit doubtful, still, if you spend more, it’s more likely your ads will get reviews faster.
  • Image Review- The review system of Facebook uses facial recognition along with other similar technologies to recognize specific patterns that if found suspected can delay approval.
  • Keywords- If your ad copy has specific keywords that can trigger red flags or enhanced controls like something associated with sensitive issues.
  • Domain Analysis- Don’t think that Facebook will only check out your images, content, or copy, it will also check your landing pages, links, and the trustworthiness of the domains to which you are linking.

Why does Facebook keep Rejecting My Ad?

Well, you can think that Facebook rejects ads for numerous reasons, but those numerous reasons mainly, fall under seven reasons. These reasons are as follows:

  • Prohibited/ Restricted Content
  • Personal Attributes
  • Creative Issues
  • Nonexistent or Absent Functionality Policy
  • Destinations and Landing Pages
  • Improper Copyright Issues
  • Ad Copy Contains Unrealistic Claims

Let’s discuss these reasons one by one:

1. Prohibited/Restricted Content:

Mostly, your ads get rejected by Facebook due to falling under prohibited/restricted content. You can think that both of these terms denote the same meaning, but the reality is somewhat different. Prohibited content means content that you are not allowed to advertise on this platform. It consists of:

  • Illegal services or products
  • Tobacco and associated products (It consists of E-cigarettes, vaporizers, and the like)
  • Discriminatory practices (advertisements that promote discrimination against ethnicity, race, religion, origin, sexual orientation, and the like)
  • Ammunition, weapons, or explosives
  • Adult services and products or content
  • Unsafe substances (recreational or illicit drugs whatever may be the country or state legality)
  • MLMs or Multi-Level Marketing
  • Certain financial products and services (such as cryptocurrencies)
  • Bad grammar and foul language … and thus, the list will go on. Generally, when your ad is a scammer or is promoting any of the above-mentioned products, you can’t show that on Facebook.

Then comes the restricted content. Here, Facebook will allow your content on the platform, but your ad needs to follow extra policies and guidelines to run it. Restricted content consists of:

  • Alcohol
  • Online gaming and gambling
  • Dating services
  • Online prescription drugs or pharmacies
  • Insurance and Financial services or products
  • Subscription services
  • Ads regarding elections, politics, or social issues
  • Cosmetic wellness and procedures

All of the services mentioned above have certain guidelines to position the ad and targeting so that it complies with Facebook’s ad policy.

For instance, if your ads promote alcohol they should target an audience of permissible age in your specific location. Again, many countries put restrictions on advertising any form of alcohol.

2. Personal Attributes:

Personalization is something that serves as the sole of marketing, but Facebook possesses a little different point of view on this matter. The policies of Facebook clearly don’t let you assert you that you know a certain contact’s personal information or attributes like age, beliefs, gender, medical issues, or sexual orientation. They also use you/yours associated with describing and messaging your audience.

For example, “know how our financial services will benefit persons like you whose age is just 62 years.”- This is the ad content.

Violating content- this ad asserts the exact idea of the age of the people who will watch the ad.

Complying content- Know how our financial services will benefit our potential customers, i.e. seniors.

Here, the example clearly mentions the customers’ attributes with text like “persons like you.”, and also mentions the actual age. So, solve this issue by not mentioning the age and terms like this. Mention your brand’s dominant policies and solutions rather than focusing on your customer’s pain points.

3. Creative Issues:

Your ads can get rejected due to creative issues and imagery too. They include straight no-nos, like animal cruelty, body-shape specification (such as before and after photos and beliefs about appropriate body types), and quite technical reasons associated with grammar, and text structure (text-image ratio).

Facebook also points out misleading or defamatory creativity that is associated with the reputation and brand of the social network, using Facebook logos, even pictures and references of CEO Mark Zuckerberg are also seen as mentionable disapproval reasons.

4. Nonexistent or Absent Functionality Policy:

This policy can seem a bit tricky or vague to you, but in reality, it is quite simple. Just don’t pretend your advertisement has components that are actually absent there. Suppose, your ad has a play button over an image. Anybody will think of it as a video, but when s/he will try to play that, they won’t be able to do so, rather it will take them to a specific website.

So, the above ad is quite misleading. The solution is don’t use such components or features in your ad.

5. Destinations and Landing Pages:

Facebook not only considers the content and image shown in your advertisement but also your links destinations. Facebook won’t approve your ad if your ads will send its viewers to non-secure/unsafe domains. The ad disapproval list of Facebook clearly includes misleading links, untrustworthy landing pages, fake news, mismatched domains, and broken links. Manipulation will not be excused anyhow.

Make sure that all your links are authentic and show the exact destination to the users.

6. Improper Copyright Issues:

This type of issue occurs in situations where you are advertising your product but unintentionally or mistakenly some other brand or product becomes visible in your ad. Suppose, a celebrity is promoting your company’s juice in an ad, but s/he is wearing a specific brand’s bracelet and that becomes visible in the ad. Get permission from that brand, and follow all copyright rules. Or, Facebook will reject your ad.

7. Ad Copy Contains Unrealistic Claims:

If your ad contains or makes any claim that is unrealistic or impossible, Facebook will reject your ad for sure. Suppose, your ad claims that anyone can lose weight up to 10 kg within only 2 hours by exercising in your gym. This ad will be rejected by Facebook without any doubt.

Now, you must have gotten your replies to the questions like why does Facebook keep rejecting my ads? Or why were my Facebook ads rejected? Or why do Facebook ads get rejected?

How to Fix a Rejected Ad on Facebook?

When you find out that some Facebook ads have got rejected, you will have just two options to make them run appropriately. Edit your rejected ads so that they will comply with the policies of Facebook that you have breached. Or appeal the rejection decision and get a manual review of your ad. We will discuss the review part of this method now.

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Request your rejected ad’s review:

In case, you think that your ad was wrongly rejected by automated technology, you have the option to question the decision. Facebook mentions that if you request this review, it won’t hurt the reputation of your account, and the automated, as well as, manual reviews both have the possibility of making mistakes. The most interesting thing here is that you won’t lose anything, and can gain everything by trying again.

➡ Go to the Account Quality page to request your desired review, and click on your desired ad account that you like to review.

Now, you will be able to see your account list and how many ads are rejected on a specific account.

➡ The following page will show your rejected ads list, their violated policies, their planned run date, and also their last review date.

Choose the checkbox next to your rejected ad and hit the button “Request review.” The Facebook team will get that request and that ad will be manually reviewed.

View Your Requested Ad Review’s Status:

You will have to wait for a certain time after you have submitted your request to Facebook to manually review your rejected ad. Generally, this decision will take about two to three days after you have submitted it. This time can be longer based on which time of the year you are submitting your request.

➡ Go to the “Account Quality Page” of Facebook, and hit on your desired ad account. From there, hit on the section “in review” to see the ads list that is under the review process till then.

In case, your ad has got approval, you will view it in the tab “Reversed.” In case, it’s rejected, you will view it in the tab “Unchanged.”

How to Fix Multiple or Repeated Facebook Ad Rejections

➡ Well, the appeal process for a single ad is just the same as appealing for multiple ads. Choose multiple rather than just choosing a single ad on the review tab. Just choose multiple by clicking on the checkboxes next to your ads.

If you have a huge number of rejected ads each time you run a campaign, your whole Facebook ad account can be banned or disabled. Learn what to do then from our other blog how to recover a permanently disabled facebook ad account in 2023.

How to Avoid Facebook Ad Rejection?

Let’s focus on what to do to avoid ad rejection from Facebook. Follow the points mentioned here for your copy and graphics to ensure your ads get approval from Facebook’s review team.

Things to follow for your copy:

Don’t assert that you are aware of any personal attributes regarding your audience like age, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, and the like.

Don’t make impossible claims like “Earn 1000 dollars in less than 5 minutes!” and the like.

Make sure that the URL displayed takes the users to the landing page of your website.

Avoid misleading or clickbait copy like “This single trick PROVOKES doctors!

Ensure your copy relates to your graphics and offer such as don’t advertise a shoe store with a clothing store image.

Things to follow for graphics:

Don’t use any before and after images (mostly viewed in weight loss ads).

Never include components in your ads that can’t be used (fake polls, buttons, and the like).

No obscene, profane, or sexual images or gestures.

No disturbing or violent images i.e. crime, gore, and the like.

Make sure that your images or videos match the feel and look of your website or landing page.

Most importantly, you can solve more or less all of these issues by taking a bit of time to go through Facebook advertising policies 2022 from 2023 and by ensuring the criteria and following each piece of advice mentioned in our article.

Final Words:

Now, you must have got the straight answer to your question- why do my Facebook ads keep getting rejected in 2023? So, if you are running ad campaigns on Facebook for the promotion of your business in Bangladesh, follow all the guidelines mentioned here carefully. Go ahead and best of luck!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Initially approved ads can also be chosen for a second review for many reasons like if viewers block, hide, report, and give negative or bad feedback about an advertisement, all of these can indicate that the Facebook review team has missed something while reviewing the ad.

As per Facebook, the ad review process mainly includes three steps:

  1. Submission or editing of an ad.
  2. Review of the ad.
  3. The ad either gets approval or gets rejected.

Two scenarios cause Facebook to review your ads:

  1. You have made a new ad on Facebook.
  2. You have made changes to an available or existing ad.

Changes that cause a review to consist of:

  1. Altering creatives such as images, videos, text, or links.
  2. Changing your target audience.
  3. Select new billing events or goals.

Often, your ad can be quickly approved, but again rejected after a day or two. It will be difficult to say the reason. The timing indicates that the initial approval was made by an automated process, and later a human reviews it manually and rejects the ad.

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