How to Take Advantage of Strategic PPC Audience Targeting in Bangladesh

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Thanks to the audience targeting features of PPC campaigns! Because it groups potential clients or prospects by certain criteria such as age, location, income, and interests, and thus simplifies your audience targeting tasks to get desired outcomes.

To get the exact idea of PPC audience targeting and get the answer to your question-how does audience targeting work, please go through this blog. Nowadays companies know well how to take advantage of strategic PPC audience targeting.

Don’t you have a clear concept about it yet? Then please read this article to get the complete details:

  1. Using Remarketing Lists
  2. Combining Remarketing Lists with DSAs or Dynamic Search Ads
  3. Utilizing Social Audiences
  4. Using Customized Affinity Audience
  5. Combining Remarketing with In-Market Segments
  6. Using Customer Match
  7. Taking Benefit of Audience Exclusions
  8. Learning and Applying
  9. Keep Experimenting
  10. Keeping Yourself Updated

Let’s explain all of the above.

1. Using Remarketing Lists

You can make the most basic use of your audience by utilizing them in your current targeting strategy. 

When your remarketing lists’ users search for their desired products or services with your selected keywords, you have the option to place ads to target them. Thus, you can retain your profitable customers and convert potential customers into purchasing customers. You can also target audiences on the search network for remarketing purposes. These lists that can be targeted with your search ads are known as remarketing list search ads or RLSA. 

You also have the option to have separate campaigns, especially for your remarketed customers. It lets you bid on competitive terms and offer ads to these users when they look for them.

Nowadays remarketing on your display network has become quite crucial. The applicable strategies for your remarketing customers on the display network will differ from one business to another. You’ll have audience lists that have various browsing behaviors, and membership durations on the website. 

You can also add various audience lists to observe targeting and adjust bids based on the audience’s phase in the conversion funnel.

2. Combining Remarketing Lists with DSAs or Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic search ads take your ads way beyond your selected search terms and your ads appear for other search terms that can be relevant to the users’ search intent. Because these ads use the web crawling method of Google. If you combine remarketing lists with DSAs, you can target prospects that visited your site once and now searching using a relevant term, but not your exact selected keywords. 

You can stay in your customer’s mind’s top position by having a combination of both of these methods.

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3. Utilizing Social Audiences

As per Statista’s source, Facebook has total monthly active users of 2.96 billion. Facebook offers various data interesting for users. You can also tag Facebook campaigns with UTM or Urchin Tracking Module that lets these ads’ clicks get recorded in a Google analytics campaign. It allows you to generate various audience lists, and target these prospects when they look for their desired information or product using the search terms in Google. 

This method is known as cross-platform remarketing.

4. Using Customized Affinity Audience

Google has introduced a customized affinity audience list that lets advertisers control the audience targeting on a network. This program allows you to create your specific audience with the use of the best free keywords. It is helpful for your brand building and gives you more control. 

5. Combining Remarketing with In-Market Segments

This in-market segment lets you fix your campaigns to reach the audience who will purchase at any time. Google has categorized those users for you to target such audiences that are interested in your offerings. Google ensures that just those audiences will be targeted who have the highest interest in your company’s offering. Bing also provides this in-market information. 

Both of these search engines use third-party data to help you target prospects. Mostly, companies use first-hand data that they get from their website or their CRM, but if you use this information you can keep yourself ahead and the best thing here is that this data is free.

6. Using Customer Match

Customer match audiences is a specific feature within Google Ads that lets you upload offline information, then you can use this audience to create specific and tailored next-step remarketing campaigns for search, display, YouTube, discovery, and shopping.

You need to fulfill certain requirements to be able to use this feature such as:

  • You need to have a good payment history, 
  • a strong policy compliance history, 
  • at least 90 days of Google Ad history, and 
  • over 50,000 USD or BDT 51,35,435 in total lifetime ad spend in Google Ads.

7.   Taking Benefit of Audience Exclusions

In some businesses, excluding the audience is more crucial than targeting. When your campaign’s goal is gaining clients instead of selling goods, you don’t require to continuously invest money for customers watching the same ad repeatedly. Rather you can control your campaign by excluding visitors after the completion of conversion action, such as giving personal data or having an inquiry. Doing so can instantly make the PPC campaign more effective by making sure that only potential clients will see your ads.

8.   Learning and Applying

Another lovable thing with the audiences is that you have the option of both learning and applying across your cross-functional campaigns. You can adjust bids to get more traffic through these audiences, and you also have the option to do the following:

  • As I’ve mentioned above, you can set up RLSA campaigns to target these audiences, rather than using them just as an observation, if they have the potential to bring up better outcomes than your campaign average.
  • You can test one audience and list across various channels including various emails and media platforms.
  • You have the option to segment your audiences based on a time frame to become dynamic.

In short, whatever you learn apply that.

9.   Keep Experimenting

The strategies I’ve discussed here are the most mentionable ones. You can also get some new ideas by researching. Mainly, these tactics don’t involve much effort and mainly are remarketing-list-focused, so ensure that you utilize them for sure. Check the Google Ad’s CTR to make sure, your keywords let your ads reach your target audience.

In short, never stop experimenting.

10. Keeping Yourself Updated

Last but not least. Always keep yourself updated. Research, research, and research. In this ever-changing world, PPC trends are also changing frequently. Don’t make any mistakes while preparing your PPC. So, there is no alternative to keep yourself updated.

Final Words:

Now, you must be confident about how to take advantage of strategic PPC audience targeting. So, apply the most suitable strategies to reap the benefits. In case, you need any assistance, please contact digiSocial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic audience targeting will help you in the following ways:

  • It makes sure that your audience doesn’t use up all of your budget before the campaign’s performance is proven. 
  • It makes sure that you are targeting only the audience that is most likely to become your paid customers.

A PPC marketer needs to have the following attributes:

  • They need to be self-driven.
  • Passionate regarding the industry.
  • Data-oriented.
  • Great communicators, and 
  • Organized.

There are mainly four kinds of audiences:

  • Apathetic: Your motive will be to first convince them that they are interested. 
  • Friendly:  Your purpose will be to reinforce their beliefs, as well as the sense of belongingness and shared interests.
  • Uninformed: First, you need to introduce your product to them and educate them about it before proposing any action.
  • Hostile: They won’t cooperate with you anyhow.

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