How to Structure a PPC Campaign in Bangladesh?

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Are you currently involved in digital marketing? Then you may face some confusion about the structure of the PPC campaign. Many writers have been provided with maximum guidelines of the usual structure. 

But new consideration has arrived in 2023 for the PPC campaign structure. You should take advantage of strategic PPC audience targeting to make your campaign profitable. The structure is the best practice for a successful campaign in Bangladesh. And your curious mind wants to know what are some new applications for superb frameworks?  

In this post, you will get to know how to design an effective PPC campaign if you hook up with me! 

Let’s start to know how to structure a PPC campaign in Bangladesh!

full structure of a PPC campaign

What Does PPC stand for? 

PPC is the composition of pay-per-click whereby the advertisers pay to get clicked on ads through internet marketing. 

Do you want to rank or get more traffic for your website? Then you need to plan for PPC campaigns. Though you can’t increase your visitors by SEO without having expertise and knowledge this is tough for you!   

Well, if you use a PPC campaign your ad will be visible on the search engine result page, based on search keywords. 

How To Get Started With PPC in Bangladesh? 

To begin with a PPC campaign, you have to open an account. In this case, you need the help of an advertising agency. You can contact digiSocial, which will assist you with search engine and display advertising campaigns. 

Even, this agency will research your product’s keywords, find out your competitors, expert on various channel selections like which platform is suitable for PPC ads, be skilled in ad copywriting, and monitor your ad optimization. 

So, why are you delaying? Get a complete package of your PPC campaign! 

And to run a PPC campaign, the structure is a crucial part to get the benefit of your account. Well, firstly you should know about account structure.

What is Account Structure For PPC? 

Account structure is the combination of campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, and keywords. Now if I explain with an example you will be cleared to set up your structure. 

Suppose, you have a women’s clothing shop. In the shop, you sell gowns and lehenga. For these two types of cloth, you should have separate pages. Now for these two products, you need to select keywords in such a way, so that users can find your products by searching. Each group has an individual set of ads. 

Why is PPC design needed for your business? 

PPC campaign design will guide you to reach your goal. For a stronger digital ad, an adequate PPC campaign design is a vital part that promotes the campaign management, brings the better condition to the score, conducts applicable campaigns research, illustrates an educating budget, implements guidelines for ad copy, and refines analytics reports for planning. 

How to use strategy to structure a PPC campaign? 

Strategy assists to get success. You can make everything perfect and predict the result if you use the correct strategy. Here I will show you some strategies for your PPC campaign structure.  

Whenever you will plan for campaign structure always ask yourself some questions: 

How many products will I offer? 

What is the goal of my products? 

How do I build up my product value? 

How do I increase my company priorities? 

What is my budget? 

How to Framework PPC Campaign in Bangladesh? 

The first thing you need to keep in mind before starting your PPC campaign you have to spend money. In Bangladesh, for 1 PPC the exchange rate is TK 37.10.

So, set your budget then decide on your ads’ time and duration to run. Then in Google ads, keyword selection is very important.

Then focus on your location, because based on your location you have to plan for budgets. If you select your specific location it would be beneficial for you to make a report on your campaign. So in Bangladesh in which location do you prefer for your campaign, you have to decide.

For your Google Ads website structure is important to landing pages for the individual bands. It would help to understand the users about your product or services. To get a successful PPC campaign this process may help you. Cheers!

To reach your goal, make a report on your specific campaign. Define which products or services will drop into ad groups. For business-related keywords, the Keyword Planner tools will provide cost-per-click (CPC) to get an idea about the cost of your PPC campaign.

The campaign mainly consists of ad groups. And ad groups are defined by selected keywords that will be used for your webpage to get clicks from users.

This task is quite difficult.


Because you have to choose your product keywords focusing on the user’s searching process. 

Do you know that the correct choice of keywords matters a lot for your PPC!!!   

If you feel you are not perfect at selecting relevant keywords for ads then you are in the right post!!! I will provide chapters and verses on keywords. 

How do keywords set up the structure?

People type keywords on the search engine to know or buy something. In the search results, related queries also appear. So, you can figure out that everything takes place with a keyword. And for the PPC campaign definite keywords that are applicable to your business and target audience. 

Adding a text ad for your Ads account there are five types of matches you need to know. They are:  

Broad Match Type: If you use a broad match type, your keywords will reach the largest audience. That means when a user will search for any topic that consists of your keywords and your ad becoming appears.  

Give an example for your understanding. Suppose I use a broad match on “luxury watch” and when users search for a luxury home or a luxury car your ad will be visible, still the terms are not related to your keywords. 

Phrase Match Type: It means you can use a phrase so that the users will see it when they search for the exact order. But there will be other words with the phrase. 

Suppose your phrase keyword is “car wash service”. While the users search, they can see “car wash service cost” or “car wash service near me”. 

Exact Match Type: This type is very distinct and limited keywords. When you fix the exact keywords for the ad that will be visible while the users search for it. If you set “Red color Gown” it will appear if a user exactly searches for it.

Check out this article for more details: How to do Keyword Research for PPC Campaign

Yet, a change is noticeable in Google, your ads will be shown up based on your keyword’s synonyms or plurals.  

Broad Match Modifier: It works like a broad match but in a different way. A plus sign will be added before the individual phrase. That means, + [phrase] is added within the inquiry. For instance, + water + price and the result will be visible water filter price in BD, water cooler price in BD, and water heater price. 

Negative Match: It helps to block irrelevant words that are not similar to your keywords. It works opposite of the broad match modifier. Before your terms add (-) [negative phrase]. Such as water price; -cheap, -cheapest. 

All these are included in the budget but you have to figure out which match type is suitable for your product keywords. 

If you have any confusion regarding the PPC campaign structure, don’t waste your time. Contact us at digiSocial and we are eagerly waiting for your response!!! 

The keywords should be related to the topic or theme, and your Text Ad Copy will be written depending on relevant keywords.

Well, when you start to work for text ad copy at first set up the headlines. There are two headlines you need to complete. In each headline, you can type 30 characters. This is the most obvious part of catching the attention of the users.  

The next part is you need to select your product description. Here you can type only 80 characters. But you can type up to 80 characters just make sure the description considers the search objective.

Then you have to work on the display path. After setting the display URL from the destination URL, you can use every 15 characters for two paths. Suppose the search engine shows the ad for “birthday gown” one path will be used as /gown and two paths of / birthday/ gown.

Before landing your page just check your final URL by mentioning contact information and discount offer so that visitors are eager to buy! 

If you want to catch your target audience, then an Ad Test is a good practice. In this case, you can do the split test which means checking the traffic of each landing page.

You can also read 15 Steps Of PPC Management That Will Bring Successful Results For You.

Tips for You 

  • Before creating structure, be focused on your website structure. Make your page suitable for ad groups. 
  • Mention your product size, quality, and cost to grab your target audience. 
  • Location plays a vital role in selecting keywords. You can make ads based on location for targeting the audience. 
  • You can promote your product based on different events or occasions. Just target your ad copy and keywords. 

14 types of Google Ads extensions and how to create Google Ads Extensions  

Here you can get the basic explanation of 14 types of Google Ads Extensions.

1.   Location Extension

Location extensions help to find the location from ads. The location, address, phone number, and type of business will be visible. Even the call button will be executed on users’ mobile phones.   

2.   Sitelink Extension

It helps to increase the engagement of customers by taking the link of your specific product. And after getting the click from users it takes them to your web link directly to inform them about your product or to buy.

 In addition, you can update your URL or link text when you want to. You can know detailed data that how many clicks you get for your Ads. You have the option to edit site link extension and your data never will be deleted.  

3.   Product Extensions

For increasing your product listing, you can use product extensions. This tool is effective for your PPC campaign because it helps to disclose your target keywords and expand your sales. 

4.   Seller Rating Extensions

It shows the higher seller ratings of the Ads so that customers can understand the quality of the product. Mainly, seller ratings can be seen on shopping ads or text ads. By using this extension you can gain the trust of your customers and make a reputation for your business.

5.   Structured Snippets Extensions

Before clicking your Ad, it helps the customers to find your product easily and gives them an idea about your product’s nature. In addition, you can progress your investment by getting clicks from visitors.

6.   Callout Extensions

If you plan to give a unique offer to your customers, then callout extensions assist you to promote your offer. And customers get the attention by your special discount or offer. Within 25 characters of a shot quotes on callout extensions, you can catch the mind of the audience. 

7.   Call Extensions

Your customers can call you directly as call extensions include the phone numbers and users can call from your Ad. Even you can get the opportunity to connect directly with your target customers.

8.   Price Extensions

If you use price extensions on your text ad, then you can increase your brand values and influence the customers to purchase your products. When people click on the price menu it takes them directly to your website.

9.   Affiliate Location Extensions

If you use these extensions, your local customers can know about your shop and service on their search network and map. People who live near the location of your shop can easily know to visit.

10.  App Extensions

App extensions cooperate to get the link from text ads so that people can click the link on your site. You can see how many clicks you achieve and these can be visible only to users’ mobile phones or the Google play store.

11.  Promotion Extensions

You can use promotion extensions if you want to get more clicks from visitors. These will be visible as bold label text under your ads in such a way that visitors get attention. You can use these extensions for offering any events or discounting your products for a certain time.

12.  Lead Form Extensions

In your Google Ad, if you use these extensions you can increase your sales, and engagement of customers’ interests regarding your services. It boosts your marketing funnel and gets more connectivity.

13.  Video Extensions

You can use these video extensions under your primary video Ad. It helps to expand your ad views.

14.  Image Extensions

Image extensions allow enhancing your text ads. Just focus on the image ratio. Always try to use high-quality images by maintaining the relevancy of keywords. And be careful about image format when you will create image extensions.   

So, which extensions do you want to use just select among them? Follow the process: 

Firstly, you need to create a Google Ads account.

Secondly, choose your campaign.

Thirdly, select Ad Extensions.

Fourthly, take the decision on which extensions you prefer and select.  

Fifthly, modify the variety of each extension.

Finally, just click the save option.

Google ads nowadays one of the easiest & effective ways to reach your targeted audience. If you are thinking about google ads but don’t know how to hire an agency. Read our detailed guide on 10 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Google Ads Service Provider in Bangladesh first.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new owner and ready to survive in a competitive industry then PPC will assist to gain immediate success in your business. It is possible because in your local search you can get 25% clicks on your Google ads.

As a new owner launching a PPC campaign first, you need to do research a lot. Next, learn how to use the keywords tool because this is a crucial part of your PPC campaign. Add negative keywords for your

campaign. Also, plan your budget and do research on your competitive landscape. if you are able to avoid the common mistakes of the PPC campaign, definitely you will get successful results. You can read our detailed guide on common PPC mistakes you must avoid in Bangladesh. Hope it will help you.

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