Influencer Marketing Challenges that Businesses are Facing Most in 2023

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Influencer marketing becomes a common practice for increasing sales. Many companies are using influencer marketing strategies for developing business growth. Influencer marketing can generate trends that people usually prefer to follow. However, there are quite a few influencer marketing challenges that businesses are facing most in 2023 after taking part in it. 

Many brands jumped into influencer marketing without any perception of faux pas. It doesn’t mean influencer marketing is bad for your business. The problem is some of them don’t know what they should follow and what they should avoid. As a result, the vendors may increase their audience by hiring influencers but they can’t fill up their return on investment. Even a majority of small business owners are unaware of this or maybe they don’t have time to grasp the current trends. That is why they should know how to deal with the challenges of influencer marketing. 

The Top 21 Influencer Marketing Challenges Faced in Bangladesh and How to Solve Them 

Let this article provide a mentor to the disadvantageous influencer marketing challenges you should keep away from by any means. 

Challenge #1: Not certainly illustrating an influencer marketing campaign goal 

Many owners don’t know what they are planning for an influencer marketing campaign. Before starting a campaign, you have to set a goal. Without a strict purpose, you can’t gain any success. And that is why many owners don’t get benefits from using influencer marketing campaigns

Quick Fix 

Business owners do influencer marketing campaigns for: 

  • Spreading brand awareness 
  • Increasing your communication grade 
  • Collecting the data of the right customers 
  • Upgrading the customer loyalty 

So set your goal, before starting your campaign. And while you run your campaign, measure the results that make full your goal. 

Challenge #2: Not maintaining the regularity of Influencer campaigns on social media 

In this digital marketing era, social media platforms play a crucial role. If you think only one campaign is okay to bring your sales, then I would you are caring about the wrong concept. Consumers are active on social media and they follow the trends continuously. 

Quick Fix

Choose two major social media platforms for your influence marketing campaign. Collect the data about consumers, based on your business niche, and select the influencers who have many followers on at least two online platforms. 

Challenge #3 Not being clear 

Some influencers never want to share their relationship with brands. They deny the partnership with brands and followers respond negatively to those promotions. The audience has the right to know with whom the influencers work. In addition, you should convince the Influencers why they should work with you. 

Quick Fix: 

While you go for paid partnerships with influencers, give them full space to create content based on your brand. Inform them what types of benefits they will get from you. And hire influencers who really want to work with you by delivering 100% dedication. 

Challenge #4: Focus on followers not engagement 

It is believed many followers mean the influencers can grow your business. Unfortunately, the concept is wrong. The use of influencer marketing is to increase customer engagement. So, if influencers cannot increase your business’s engagement, then what is the benefit of huge followers? 

Quick Fix: 

  • Check the engagement rate of influencers 
  • Check the relationship with customers 
  • Follow the customers’ reactions to the influencers 
  • Communication skills with the customers 

Challenge #5: Set aside Micro-Influencer  

When choosing an influencer most brands think, that mega-influencers have the quality for promoting their products to a large audience. However, they might not know that all the time, mega-influencers can’t step up the engagement rate properly. 

Quick Fix: 

If you are a new or small business owner, then you can make a partnership with a micro-influencer (1,000-50,000) because, 

  •  Increase conversion rates 
  • Effective for collaboration
  • Ability to target your audience 
  • Help to grow the engagement rate 
  • Make your brand authentic and trustworthy 
  • Long-term benefit 
  • Work with full dedication 

Challenge #6: Not recording the activities of the influencers 

While you work with an influencer for promoting your brand, you need to keep a recording of the influencer’s activity. That means you should check, do they fill up the gap in your business. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Track their posing record 
  • Collect the data and messages 
  • Keep tracing their communication 

Challenge #7: Allowing too much or less freedom 

The work of an influencer is composed of creativity. Different influencers’ working style is independent and their content creation is distinct. So, you don’t force them while they work with you. Even, don’t give enough space as you need to increase the business growth. So you should know how much control you have over your Influencers. 

Quick Fix: 

Collaborate with the influencers as my as you can. Provide them space so that they can use their creative ideas for your business. Share your desire or plan, what do you expect for increasing your sales? Fix your track and let them know. 

Challenge #8: Excessive paying out on the influencer marketing campaign 

It doesn’t mean doing influencer marketing you have to spend a huge amount of money on campaigns. Many brands waste money on influencer marketing campaigns. They don’t know which campaign is favorable for their business. Even they pay money without knowing the exact fees of the influencers. That means they should measure the Impact of Your Influencer Marketing

Quick Fix: 

  • Know about the type of influencer marketing campaigns for your business.
  • Fix your budget and know the fees of influencers before the campaign.
  • For campaigns use cost-per-engagement (CPE) or cost-per-click (CPC). 

Challenge #9: Oversight of celebrity engagement for influencer marketing 

According to the study on social media platforms, celebrities have many followers but might not have upright followers relevant to your business. Even, the statistics show their engagement rate is 0.04% on Instagram. For example, Bangladeshi celebrity Mehzabien Chowdhury has 4.7M followers and her engagement rate is 1.25%. So many followers do not convey that celebrity influencers have the ability to increase the engagement rate. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Never rely on the popularity 
  • Research on the engagement rating 
  • Judge about the skills of engagement 
  • Research about their followers 
  • Choose micro-influencers to get good results 

Challenge #10: Skipping of call-to-action (CTA) 

We hire influencers because of setting our goals. You use influencer marketing so that you can make a profit right? So, it is important to use CTA for targeting the right audience. 

Quick Fix: 

  • CTA insists the customers for buying your products 
  • Have the option to use it urgently 
  • Maintain the genuineness of your influencers 

Challenge #11: Posting unsolicited content 

It is the biggest Problem with Influencer Marketing that, If the influencer posts continuously for promoting your products, then the audience consider it inexplicable. Followers love to watch the activity of influencers but the post and content have to be relevant and meaningful. 

Quick Fix: 

  • On Facebook per day, influencers can post 2 times 
  • On Instagram 2-3 posts per day 
  • On TikTok 1 post per day 

Challenge #12: Mistreating research and analyze 

Most marketers just collect the engagement data. This is not enough to collect data; instead, you need to know about different grads to run your influencer marketing campaign successfully. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Make a plan of what to do and what not to do before starting a campaign 
  • Make a perfect budget plan by evaluating the influencer marketing grads  
  • Measure the social media traffic before the campaign 
  • Collect campaign data from the influencers 
  • Make a profit creation list 

Challenge #13: Target only sales, not influencer marketing KPIs 

Most Vendors only target to increase their scales but they don’t focus on other key performance indicators (KPIs). After running a successful influencer marketing campaign, you may make more profit but that doesn’t work for a long time. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Measure your brand awareness
  • Measure the traffic of your website 
  • Measure the customers’ engagements on your social media platforms 
  • Measure the new followers 

Challenge #14: Failing to understand the strength and weak points of competitors 

As you are doing business, you should know who are your competitors. By hiring the same influencers how do they run a successful campaign? If you can know about the strength and weaknesses before starting your influencer marketing campaign, then it is easy to defeat them. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Do research about your competitors 
  • Check their daily post and content 
  • Don’t hire the same influencers that your competitors already do
  • Try to find out the  engagement rate with their customers 

Challenge #15: Not creating creative content 

Video content has a great impact on promoting your brand. In addition, people genuinely believe these videos and get influenced to purchase the product. So creating different types of innovative videos is one of the crucial parts of influencer marketing. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Hire an influencer who has the strong quality to create innovative content 
  • Collaborate with influencers for creating content 
  • To get some idea you can watch tutorials 
  • Never steal any content, build fresh and authentic video 

Challenge #16: Not establishing a good relationship with followers and credibility 

This is the core responsibility to make a good relationship with the followers. In the online business platform area, if any customers ask about your product and your influencer is unable to reply it’s your duty to reply. Otherwise, you lose credibility and brand reputation. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Give enough time for communicating with the customers 
  • Reply to each comment 
  • Try to respond to each message on time 

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Challenge #17: Looking forward to instant results 

Influencer marketing is the trending strategy for all businesses. But it doesn’t mean by using influencer marketing, you will get immediate results. 

Quick Fix: 

  • To reach your goal keep your patience 
  • Make your first priority to spread the brand awareness 
  • Gradually increase the trust of the customers 
  • Take time for good research before hiring your influencers 

Challenge #18: Failing to select the correct social media platform 

Some online business owners can’t reach their target customers because they don’t know which social media platform is more suitable for them. Social media is an essential part of online business marketing. 

Quick Fix: 

  • Collect data from your customers 
  • Find out the gender percentage of your target customers 
  • Based on your product, research which platform customers use most for purchasing 
  • If required, can take help from an influencer marketing agency such as digiSocial that will assist you to choose the right social media platforms. 

Challenge #19: Not keeping up the good relationships with influencers 

After working with an influencer, some brands think they don’t need to keep a relationship with the same influencers. This is such a bad concept. If an influencer knows about your company, goal, and plan then why would you go for searching a new influencer?  

Quick Fix: 

  • Maintaining a long-term relationship with influencers 
  • Respect their effort as they work for your brand 
  • After completing each campaign never forget to say “Thank you”

Challenge #20: Using fake followers 

Buying fake followers for gaining the trust of the customers, is not ethical. If somehow your customers get to know about your illegality, you lose your brand reputation instantly. No one trusts your brand’s product because of illegality. 

Quick Fix: 

  • If you have a plan for the long term on an online platform avoid illegality 
  • To gain trust and brand awareness apply influence marketing properly 
  • For increasing followers hire the perfect influencers for your brand 

Challenge #21: Not using standard images, hashtags, and caption 

High-quality images, catchy captions, and proper use of hashtags help to expand your customers. As you do online business, low-quality images decrease your customers. If you aren’t using the correct hashtags then you can’t reach the right customers. And be careful of writing creative and catchy captions so that you can grab the attention of your customers. 

Quick Fix: 

  • You need to have a good camera for taking high-quality pictures of your products 
  • Hire a knowledgeable influencer who is good at using correct hashtags 
  • Never use irrelevant hashtags 
  • To learn about Copywriting, watch tutorials, or take help from professional influencers 

Final Thoughts 

Never think that influence marketing is bad for your business. If you try to avoid prior mentioned challenges then hope you can improve your business sales and return on investment (ROI) as well. Good luck with your business! 

To learn more you can contact digiSocial. Because In house influencer management is so tough sometimes And it is time-consuming and manual processes involved in setting up an influencer marketing campaign that can be automated. This is why digiSocial can be your solution for this part. We have a team of experts who are dedicated to influencer marketing and management.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Not certainly illustrating an influence marketing campaign goal

2. Focus on followers not engagement 

3. Set aside Micro-Influencer 

4. Not recording the activities of the influencers 

5. Posting unsolicited content 

 The main challenges influencers face while they are engaging with the customers. Such as:

  • Trying to reach the right audiences
  • Confused to choose the correct social media platforms
  •  Trying to generate authentic video content for the brands’ promotion
  •   Detecting the accurate time to post the content

Obviously, they have the ability to influence their followers and audience. However, the quality of influencers’ is not equal for all. In digital platforms, the task of influencers is not easy. If they can’t show their work’s authenticity people unfollow them instantly.

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