How to Create a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign in Bangladesh

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In 2023, the influencer marketing industry is worldly-wise enlightened after the pandemic and the collaborator has taken the notification. According to the statistics, around 92% of customers (18-34 years of age) rely on influencers’ opinions before purchasing any product. And while they (at least 17%)  get the trustworthiness then they suggest to their friends and family to count on.

However, the key to success depends on an appropriate influencer marketing campaign. The popularity of influencer marketing has spread because of social eCommerce. For the sake of working with the social influencer, you can buy not only loyalty but also followers. 

So, how do you create a successful influencer marketing campaign in Bangladesh to improve your sales? Let’s make up a complete guide on most crack practices to make an effective influencer marketing campaign.

What is an influencer marketing campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign is to promote brands, and improve sales and the traffic of the website, by using opinion leaders based on their social followers. 

Promptly, influencer marketing has cropped up in traditional advertising because vendors perceive in a short time they can reach their target customers by embracing conception leaders who have loyal followers on different social media platforms. 

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Current movements in influencer marketing 

If you want to use influence marketing in your business, you need to know the current trends of it. In Bangladesh, some movements are followed to build a lucrative campaign such as: 

  • Instagram influencer marketing: In Bangladesh 4.45 million users are active on Instagram. So, vendors spend money to promote their brand awareness, and most of the influencers favor collaborating with brands on Instagram.
  • Youtube influencer marketing: Youtube is one of the most reliable platforms and a large number of people count on it.
  • TikTok influencer marketing:  In Bangladesh TikTok is extremely popular among the new generation (18-24 years old). Teenagers use different types of content and make them popular influencers gradually. So, many brands include them as a partner for their campaign.
  • Video marketing: In 2023, you can’t properly promote anything without video marketing. Only the post of the image doesn’t make any sense. Customers aren’t eager to buy if they can’t get the chance to check the quality of the products.
  • Influencer marketing tools:  By using Upfluence, you can find out influencers, who are suitable for your brand. 

The influencer marketing industry continues to grown-up 

In Bangladesh, the number of users of social media is gradually increasing. Instagram users between 25-34 years old while 18-24 years old are more active on TikTok and they made the biggest group on this platform. And it is assumed that TikTok will be the next dominating platform where brands will be investing in the advertisement. On the other hand, 70% of people use YouTube, and most of them are around 18-34 years old.  

After the pandemic, Instagram marketing has shown a lot of contribution. It increases the economic and financial growth of the country. 

Tips for why influencer marketing is important for social eCommerce sales in 2023? 

  • Trust: people trust influencers they don’t trust products or businesses. 
  • Availability: it’s available for all kinds of business owners and they equally can target the audiences 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Affordable for all kinds of business owners to build partnerships with influencers. 
  • Authentic content: Influencers assist to make fresh content for your brand. 
  • Find the right customers: Influencers know how to target consumers and which social media platform is suitable to get more profit.

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How to build an effective influencer marketing strategy? 

In 2023, making a plan is a crucial part of an influencer marketing campaign. To run any campaign, a strategic plan leads to get benefited for a long-term period and upholds the brand’s name in the marketplace. And applicable strategies bring to get success and outstanding ROI. 

Here are some tips for well-heeled in influencer marketing: 

  • Set your goal based on your budget
  • Research more to get well-qualified influencers
  • Focus on the target audience (age, demography & social media platform) 
  • Pay attention to quality content 
  • Monitor the campaign properly 

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How much does influencer marketing cost?  

Nowadays influencers get paid for their work. Mainly the cost depends on their popularity, followers, and working experience with different types of brands. However, some influencers work based on free products. They are nano-influencer (1,000 to 10, 000) and local business owners target them for promoting their brands. 

For the larger campaigns, most of the vendors target macro-influencers, and in this case influencers demand charge. Again, if you want to work with celebrity influencers then you have to pay a lot. For example, Mehzabien Chowdhury has 4.7M followers and her engagement rating is 1.25%. Different renowned brands hire her for affiliate marketing or co-creating content such as beauty or fashion. 

How to plan an influencer marketing campaign?

Here are mentioned some steps for guiding you, so that you can fill up your target properly.  

1. Define the goals 

Before going to your plan, ask yourself some questions, 

  • Do I want to target my customers in a short time? 
  • Do I want to spread my brand value? 
  • Do my customers aware of trending rules? 
  • Do I want to spread my brand awareness through all kinds of social media platforms? 
  • Do I want to increase my traffic on the website? 
  • Do I want to get more profit from my business? 

If these types of queries match your desire then start a campaign with influencers. Suppose your desire is to improve brand awareness that is your objective. That means you want to increase the audience, and spread the brand’s name to mass people, and on all kinds of social media platforms. And that is called KPIs.  

2. Understand the types of influencer marketing campaigns 

There are different types of influencer marketing campaigns but in Bangladesh, some popular campaigns are practiced such as: 

  • Offering gifts in return for a reference: In Bangladesh, this is a very common campaign. Many influencers mention “gift from X brand visits their website page” in their post or story. 
  • Work as a brand ambassador: Influencers work in a long-term partnership and they make content for the brand to share daily from their social media accounts. 
  • Affiliate marketing: Influencers mention the discount offers of brands and get commissions per sale.
  • Guest blogging: Some influencers are popular for blog writing. They write different types of unique and impressive content for brands to spread their perceptions.
  • Social media takeover: The influencer will control your social media platforms for posting daily content.
  • Introducer product with an influencer:  Brands introduce a product through the collaboration of influencers. This is common in makeup, fashion, and vogue.
  • Sponsored content: The influencers mention the brand’s name on their blog or video content. And for this, they claim a large portion of the money. 

 So, which one do you prefer for your campaign? 

3. Try to perceive to whom you are seeking 

Who are the target consumers for your business, male or female? Are they teenagers? A professional influencer helps to reach the right customers. For example, a makeup artist helps to find your target customers if your brand is a beauty product. 

In addition, try to find the demographic data, and try to possess how your influencer finds out audiences. 

4. Choose the type of influencer 

The first challenging task is to select the influencers. There are five types of influencers and which one do you prefer for your campaign? You can choose among them: 

  • Mega-influencers ( more than 1M followers) are treated as a celebrity 
  • Macro-influencers (500K – 1M followers) may be celebrities or gain followers through social media platforms 
  • Mid-tier influencers (50K- 500K followers) are mainly content creators and have loyal followers 
  • Micro-influencers(10K- 50K followers) most of the brands target them as a brand promoter 
  • Nano-influencers (1K- 10K followers) have a small number of followers but they have the ability to engage the audience through their creative content-creator skills.  

5. Make a list of influencers 

Select some influencers for your brand and then make a list according to this: 

  • Name 
  • Type of influencer
  • Total followers 
  • Check social media platform links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat) 
  • Check their strength 
  • Check their weakness
  • Check their engagement ratings  
  • Check the working experience with brands 
  • Check the relationship with customers 
  • Measure the quality of content 

By analyzing all those processes select the perfect and professional influencers for your campaign. 

6. Check out the three ‘C’ qualities to influence 

  • Connection 
  • Capacity 
  • Chord 

Connection: What type of content do they post on social media, check out the connection with your business. Because irrelevant content will never bring you, target customers. 

Capability: Sometimes a small number of influencers have the capability to engage customers and increase sales. So don’t focus on the followers, just the skills. 

Chord: The chord of influencers is important because convincing power isn’t equal to all. The influencers will convince people and it’s because of the approach with the confident chord. 

Always remember, never trust the number of followers. Only high followers never bring your sales rather count on the qualification and professional ability. 

7. Select the social media platform 

Which social media do you prefer to boost your brand promotion just select before your campaign? In this case, just consider some basics: 

  • The number of users in different types of social media platforms 
  • Identify the type of users who are more active on a particular platform 
  • What type of content do you want, select the content length and format 
  • Set your requirements with an objective and goal 

8. Do research for information  

While you do research try to figure out these: 

  • How many influencers work on different types of campaigns?
  • How do they demand a charge? 
  • How do they work on sponsor campaigns? 
  • How do they plan for paid advertising
  • Are they eager to work in a non-paid campaign? 

9. Clear your desire in-depth  

It is important to inform your influencers about what you want from them. Share your plan and goal. If you want to get long-term benefits then fill out both of your commitments. 

10. Share your opinion to create content 

Influencers are pro to create video content. When you will choose them for your campaign, then you can share your idea so that they can create their video based on your demand. 

11. Track performance 

For tracking your campaign performance, you can use a link or any code. Easily you can track the performance. 

12. Measure the results

You can measure your results based on your KPIs. hashtags, like, comment, and share. While your sales increase your influencers can complete your ROI.  

So, now you know how to create a successful Influencer marketing campaign in Bangladesh. But there are some challenges with influencer marketing that you must need to know.

How to find the best influencer marketing agency for you? 

For influencer marketing, many brands prefer to hire an influencer marketing agency. Hiring an agency is a wise decision because: 

  • According to your budget, you can get your influencers 
  • You don’t need to think about the campaign strategy
  • No burden to create content, the agency helps the influencers according to your demand 
  • You don’t need to track or measure the performance of your campaign

Now, you may think about which agency is good for influencer marketing. You can choose digiSocial for your successful campaign. They have so many influencers for supporting your recognition. 

  • Tips 

Before hiring agency must check:

  • Working experience in an influencer marketing campaign 
  • Checking the portfolio of previous work with clients 

Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing is so popular and many brands are targeting micro and nano influencers for promoting their brands. This marketing strategy is effective because it is affordable for all kinds of vendors. And most marketers get confident to use this marketing when they find the right influencer to work with. 

It depends on your activity. However, to consider yourself an influencer you have to have a minimum of 1,000 followers. 

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