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There is no doubt that online infographics-making tools are highly efficient for saving your time on designing. Because most tools contain multiple types of pre-customized infographics-making templates. You can also customize those templates on your own.

But the question is how can you choose the best tools?

In this article, I am going to discuss some must-have infographics makers that can take your design skill to another level. So what’s the delay?

Let’s jump on that.

Top Must-Have Tools to Create Interactive Infographics

what are the tools to create infographics

There are various types of infographics makers and software available online. They are different based on the variety of features and benefits. In this section, I am going to discuss some must-need tools that will help you create creative and unique infographics.

1. Canva

I hope you already know about Canva. Canva is the most popular and famous online graphics designing platform. It’s a freemium designing tool that is available in free and premium versions.

The user-friendly and drag-to-drop functionality make this tool unique and popular among millions of people.

You don’t require any advanced design knowledge to operate Canva. This tool has pre-designed templates for multiple purposes such as presentations, infographics, whiteboards, PDF editors, graphs, letterheads, resumes, business cards, etc.

You can easily choose your favorite infographic templates and create the infographic in a short amount of time. Canva takes the creative design method to another level.

Another efficient functionality of this tool is it’s helpful for teamwork and collaboration. You can create a team folder where all your team members can create, edit, and publish the design. Multiple members can edit any specific design from anywhere with their pc and smartphones.

Key Features

  • Numerous pre-designed templates.
  • Drag-to-drop functionality.
  • Team-work collaboration opportunity.
  • Integration with multiple tools.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is specially built for designing informational content like infographics and reports. Also, it has an option for editing videos, where you can edit videos online, add subtitles, crop, and screen record. However, it supports almost 60 languages for video captions.

This tool will help you to create high-quality infographics within just a few minutes. Because you can access 230+ well-designed infographic templates to craft your infographics very easily. All of these templates are free for every user.

If you want you can customize your desired template with multiple graphs, charts, and interactive maps. It will help you to make your infographics more attractive and catchy.

Piktochart has a powerful report maker for optimizing insightful reports. You and your team members can spontaneously work on the report file and input the necessary data on it. Sometimes you need to add graphs and visual stories to the reports. Pikochart has a function for adding professionally-looking graphs in the report.

For any type of marketing, campaign posters play very important roles. Piktochart has templates for different types of eye-catching posters and multiple events.

Key Features

  • 230+ free customizable infographics templates.
  • Effective data visualization.
  • Advanced report maker.
  • Well-decorated poster design templates.

3. Visme

Visme is another famous online graphic design tool. This tool is especially effective for creating beautiful infographics for marketing campaigns. It has lots of different types of templates for different types of infographics such as how-to, statistical, timeline, information, comparison, anatomical, etc.

Not just infographics, you can also create presentations on this tool. It has multiple templates for presentations such as business, marketing, education, finance, research, etc. Visme is available in both free and premium versions.

You don’t have to be an expert in graphics design to use Visme. Because this tool has 1,000,000 stock photos and images to make your design more gorgeous and visually stunning.

In the Visme tool, you can independently collaborate with team members for multiple design projects. Team members can edit and give feedback on the design. It also has team design “asset management” options. You don’t have to worry about managing the design assets for the team projects.

Key Features

  • Multiple data visualization templates.
  • Project data storage opportunity.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Millions of high-quality stock photos.

4. Infogram

Are you thinking of creating creative and unique infographics in a short amount of time? You can choose an Infogram. It’s a work-efficient data visualization that is beneficial to optimize multiple visually attractive contents.

Pre-generated templates are always useful for creating infographics faster. Infogram has 200+ customizable data visualization templates for infographics and reports. If you want you can input extra elements to make the infographic design more creative.

Not just infographics, but this tool will also be useful to create social media visuals, maps, dashboards, slides, etc. So it can effectively improve your digital marketing strategies.

You will be surprised to hear that Infogram has 30,000+ satisfied users who use this tool for their business. Famous companies like LinkedIn, MSN, Skyscanner, Euronews, etc use Infogram.

Tracking the performance of your content is highly significant for planning the content strategy. Because it will help you to understand what kind of content people like. Infogram is an effective analytical tool that helps to locate the user’s demographics and their interactions with your contentment.

Key Features

  • Powerful user analytics function.
  • 200+ pre-designed templates.
  • Suitable with the mobile interface.
  • Custom tracking links.

5. Venngage

If you don’t have advanced knowledge of graphics designing, no worries. Because Venngage helps you to solve your design problem more effectively. It especially helps you to craft professional infographics for your content.

Venngage has numerous templates for different types of infographics such as timelines, statistics, lists, tutorials, comparisons, geographical, etc. So you can generate any type of infographic based on your using purposes.

Do you know how many pre-generated templates Venngage has? It has 7,500 professional templates for infographics customization.

Somehow you don’t like any template, you can create customized templates based on your requirements.

For the customization of infographics, we need different types of icons and images to make the design more creative. Venngage has 3+ million stock photos and 40,000 icons and illustrations to optimize your infographic more uniquely.

One of the major advantages of Venngage is you can collaborate with your team members for designing the infographics for marketing purposes.

Key Features

  • Most user-friendly interface.
  • Extensive numbers of icons and stock images.
  • Smart diagram functionality.
  • Multiple types of templates for infographics.

6. Adobe Illustrator

Do you want to create professional and polished-looking infographics for your marketing campaigns?

You can choose Adobe Illustrator without any hesitation. It’s one of the most popular and mostly used graphics designing tools among users.

Adobe Illustrator is a software of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The first version of this tool was introduced in 1987. It’s specially made for creating vector graphics. Vector graphics are a combination of lines, graphs, and shapes.

With the help of Adobe Illustrator, you can create timeline infographics, graphs, charts, flowcharts, etc with a professional style.

For infographics fonts play a significant role. The right font can increase the gorgeousness of the infographics. Adobe Illustrator has 17,000 fonts in its database. So you can change the font style as you want.

Adobe Illustrator is also beneficial for designing logos, icons, banners, etc. So that the business can effectively provide its marketing message to the target audiences with innovative and creative design.

Key Features

  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud library.
  • Export files into multiple formats.
  • Different styles for infographics.
  • Extensive numbers of font support.

7. Easelly

There is no doubt about the importance of infographics in your marketing strategy. But how can you easily create infographics in a faster way?

Easelly will help you to do that. It’s one of the most popular and work-efficient infographics makers available online. Currently, 6+ million people and 1000 agencies use Easelly for their promotional purposes.

This powerful design tool will help you to create beautiful and informative infographics. Easelly has different types of templates for infographics design. It also contains 3+ million stock images in its database.

In fact, Easelly will give you the opportunity to hire a graphics designer to design your infographics.

You just have to provide a proper brief of what kind of design and information you want. Most of its designers contain 5+ years of experience. This tool will also have functions for new logos, presentations, and business card design.

Famous companies like FedEx, USBank, Windermere Real Estate, etc are satisfied users of Easelly.

Key Features

  • Well-designed and pre-developed templates.
  • 3+ million stock image collections.
  • Highly experienced designers.
  • Different kinds of icons and animations.

Tips on How to Make Infographics With Tools

I hope that you got proper ideas about the best infographics-making tools. Infographics can provide lots of benefits to improve the content marketing strategy. So, now I will share some important tips that will help you to create innovative and unique infographics for the audience.

  • Do deep research on the topic that you are going to make infographics about.
  • Ensure the provided information is useful for the target audiences.
  • Optimize a creative and gorgeous infographic template that can grab the customer’s attention.
  • Try to customize the infographics templates with your own design pattern.
  • Write the infographics in a storytelling approach so that the audiences can connect with the main topic.

Finding the right infographics tool is not such an easy task. Because there are lots of different types of infographics-making tools available online. How can you determine a specific tool, which can give you a better output? You need to go through the features of all the tools and compare them to each other. Then finally you will be able to choose one tool which can full fill your infographic designing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canva is the best tool to create infographics. It’s the most famous free online designing platform. With the help of Canva, you can design professional-style infographics without any advanced design knowledge.

Infographic-making tools are effective because they can save a good amount of time for designing purposes. Because most of the tools contain different types of pre-developed infographics templates.

Most of the infographic-making tools are available in free and premium versions. Premium versions contain more features than the free version.

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