Common Ways To Fix Technical SEO Issues In Bangladesh

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Who does not love to get a high rank on a website? In this era to publish your content on Google, you have to think about SEO-optimized content. Well, sometimes you cannot increase traffic to your website though you make high-quality content.

Do you know what the reason behind this problem is? It’s because you have structural and technical SEO issues that make trouble on your website. Mainly, technical SEO is a complete structure of page titles, tags, metadata, HTTP header responses, and XML sitemaps. It does not focus on keyword research or any other strategy of social media.

Here I am going to tell you some common technical issues and give the solutions as well.

But do you know what technical SEO is? And why is it so important? Well, I am giving you a clear idea so that you can understand the value of technical SEO.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO means developing the technical configuration of a website or server optimization and sincerely which have an influence on indexing, crawling, finding, and understanding your web page.

You can create traffic easily from search engines if you structurally and technically optimize your website. Only organized content will never get ranked if you don’t aware of this issue.  

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO is important because it assures the crawling, architecture, and search ranking of the website. In addition, if you don’t have any dead links then it helps to fast your website speed.

You can rely on technical SEO because you don’t have to face any technical errors for your website. Search engines always work or find out the website with the help of technical staff. If it is unable to show your webpage then you will lose the opportunity to rank.

16 Common SEO Mistakes in Bangladesh and How to Fix It?

Here are the top 16 technical mistakes in Bangladesh and you can apply if you learn how to fix them then you can avoid the common SEO mistakes!

1. No HTTPS Security

No HHTPs Security in your website

When you do not use HTTPS in your domain name, that means your website is not secure. Google users will get hints that your site is not safe and leave your website.

Even your site background will look gray in Google Chrome.  

Want solution? It’s Simple!

You can solve this problem easily, just you need to buy an SSL certificate to transfer your site into HTTPS.

Well, then your site will be safe for visiting your website.

2. Site isn’t Indexed

your site doesn't indexed google

When we search for something on Google if we don’t find that means the site has an indexation problem. 

In the same way, your site will not be available in the search engines if Google cannot index your site. 

Now the question will come to your mind: how do you confirm that your site is indexed?

The process is very simple, you just need to type “” in the search option of Google and there you can see your indexed page number for your site.

Okay, come here and Read!

To solve your site problem you send your URL to Google. If you get to know that your site is already indexed then give a check to the old version of your site which may be indexed mistakenly instead of redirection.

Or check out for spam because your site may be hacked and find out the exact point of indexing problems.

3. No XML Sitemaps Found

XML sitemap missing in your site

To understand and crawl your site perfectly, Google’s search bots need the help of XML sitemaps.

Give your domain name by adding “/sitemap.xml” at the end.

Easy to solve, no need to worry!  

You have to create or you can use an XML sitemap generating tool. On the other side, you can automatically make it if you already have a registration of a WordPress site in Yoast SEO Plugin. 

4. Missing or Incorrect Robots.txt

Missing or Incorrect Robots.txt file in your site

Missing robots.txt gives an alarming impression because it works as a dictionary and informs some specific pages to crawl or the page will be rejected from the crawl.    

In this case, never forget to add your sitemap to robots.txt, search engine bots cannot crawl your site properly.   

You can check out of your robots.txt is correct or incorrect, just go to your website and type the URL with “/robots.txt”. Then you can know the result. If you have an issue then the result will show “User-agent:*Disallow: /”.

Easy to solve it!

If you see “Disallow: /” then you need to take the help of the development. Or you can use a plugin such as Yoast, in-One SEO is one of the fruitful ways to add.

If you don’t have a sitemap you should install it and be careful about editing, before submitting it to Google Search Console.

5. Meta Robots NOINDEX Set

Meta Robots NOINDEX Set

NOINDEX is more dangerous if you make any mistake. All pages can be deleted because of the NOINDEX command.

When the website will make, the proper use of the NOINDEX tag helps to find out similar pages are fewer topicality.  

Once you publish your website page online, you cannot delete the NOINDEX tag as it has an indicatory number of pages.

You can test by pressing “View Page Source” on your site’s main pages. Then type your meta name = “robots” content = “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”>.

No worries, Solutions are here!

You have to take action when you will find “NOINDEX” or “NOFOLLOW”. Also, it would be better if you use “Screaming Frog” which will pick out all your pages right off.

On the other hand, you can install the SEO audit software tool and fix a reminder to get weekly information to upgrade your webpage.  

6. Lazy Load is Too Lazy

your website loading speed is slow

It’s so much interesting to me, you know! Hope you will enjoy it.

Before reading any topic, if any page takes time to load normally a reader will lose interest to read and never try to read it again.

Yes, it’s true and I know you do the same thing.   

If your page is too lazy to load, that means you have the highest possibility of not ranking your page.

Website Speed is one of the important tactics for SEO to make your site juicier for Users and Google as well.

You can visit Moz’s page speed guide to check your lazy load issues and solve the problem of your site.

Need Solution! Please give a View

You can use SEO auditing tools to increase the speed of your page.


You can take the help of your developer to make your site faster or an SEO expert.  

7. Multiple Versions of The Home Page

multiple home pages have your site

In the search option of Google, if you press “your” then ultimately Google will take it as

But, both are different home page URLs. Why does it happen?

The reason is indexing many URLs if you have several types of homepages.

For this, you have to suffer, the discontinuity of your traffic data, and ultimately, you may fall down to rank your site!

Want to know the secret? Revealing it

To fix this problem, you can use and get to know if you have any mixed pages. Or you can use “” to make sure multiple URL versions of your page.

When you will sure that you have various indexed versions then-

  • It is necessary to add 301redirects. It will detect your duplicate page and make your own page that you want! Isn’t it easy? Reduce your confusion and give your own home page to hit the proximity of traffic
  • Alternative way to use craw tool and it will find your duplicate home page.

Do you want more help? Just press the link DIGISOCIAL, our SEO specialist is always ready to guide you.

Good Luck! 

8. Missing Alt Tags

Missing Alt Tags in your web page's image

In the search engine option, the suggestion will come if you use alt tags in your content because now search engines can detect the image of your webpage.

It is easy to understand the information if you use the image in your content.     

Even if you add more images to your content, you can make a hit on hyperlink search results, which displays in the Google image.

So, why not you will use alt tags for your website? Where easily you can do it?

Now come to the point that what is missing alternative text? It means you do not use the alt property in the image tag. Such as,   

<img src=”/ cow. Jpg”>

What about empty alternative text?  Without text, you only have an alt property. Like, <img src=”/ cow. Jpg” alt= “ ”>  

Another issue is that “missing alt tags” from an image means not providing meaningful information in the file names. As a result, the readers do not get the point of the usage of images. Rather the images make the reader’s mind full of confusion.  

Want to know the selection process?

Firstly, select the image then press on the format to open the dialogue box for providing meaningful information about the image.  

In the “Alt Text Tab” select the description field and type the context of the image and keep in mind, try to avoid the irrelevant message of your image.

Hope this guideline will help to remove your technical SEO problem.

9. Errors in Language Declarations  

Errors in Language Declarations in your website

When you publish your content on a webpage, you need to keep in mind that, you have global readers.

Language declaration is becoming so popular, and it helps search engines to translate the source language into the target language for the readers.

Before translating your content language declaration read your content first after that it translates the whole content into the user’s language.

So correct use of language is very important in your content because you don’t write only for the target audiences rather you have global audiences.   

The Tips

Using correct language code is important as you already can understand Language declaration works so fast for the web page to comprehend your content.

You can take help from different types of language code references. These sites will guide you to choose the correct codes for your web page.

10. Substandard Mobile Experience

Substandard Mobile Experience found

Just imagine if someone asks you a topic and you don’t have an idea to then what you will do.

Definitely, you will Google it to know. Right?

In this case, obviously, you would not open your laptop instantly rather, easily check it from your mobile.  

So, you get my point that what I am saying to you. If you want that your audiences can do the same thing as what you do normally, then you need to be conscious of substandard mobile experience when you will publish your content on your webpage.  


When you will design your webpage, be careful about Google’s search bots.

Never blocks any programming languages, or any other search-relevant tools and avoid lockage type of content for the readers.  

Oh! One more piece of information you need to know, some mobile phones, started to avoid the use of AMP, so give check whether you have any errors in Google Search Console or not. 

Simple. Isn’t it?

Hope my idea may help you to solve your issues.

11. Broken Links Found

Broken Links Found in your site

Do you know that broken links can make your rank in the lower portion of the website?

Or your page may not be crawled by Google bots.  

Why would you harm your website by using so many broken links?

Easy to Avoid!

You just install SEO software and that will find your broken links to solve your problem.

Learn More: Fixing broken links: Why they matter for SEO and how to find and fix them

12. Use of Unstructured Data

Use of Unstructured Data in your site

Google always prefers to get standard and structured data. And the interesting fact is if you write spontaneously and clearly with meaningful information, then Google will give priority to your webpage in its search features.  

Use a Strategy for Ranking Your Webpage.

You can search to get some basic ideas that how you can structure your data.

Even you will get some knowledge of how you will make your content authentic, unique, and informative through your own creation.

13. 301 and 302 redirects

301 and 302 redirects

301 redirects work to remove your page permanently whereas 302 redirects work as temporary.

Both are important because they work as response codes. If you use one of them in a perfect way for your webpage, they will help Google to respond spontaneously.

Which one you should use 301 or 302?

If you want to add two websites together, then you should use 301 redirects.

If you want to update your page in a short period, then it would be better to use 302 redirects as it works as temporarily.   

14. H1 tag missing or multiple uses of H1 tags

H1 tag missing or multiple H1 tags found

You may make a big mistake if you do not use the H1 tag for your webpage.

The reason is very simple. You are writing for Google, right? Before representing your content to the reader Google read your content with the help of H tags.

So you can understand if you don’t use the <h1> tag on your web page you cannot rank whereas your content is good and informative.  

On the other hand, the excessive use of H1 tags will collapse the accessibility of your site because search engines could not understand your topic.


Hope you don’t need a solution because already you have known it.

Just remember to use <h1> headings in various ways for your page webpages. 

15. Repetitive Content  

duplicate content

Repeated publication or sharing of the same or nearly identical content on many websites or platforms is referred to as repetitive content. The search engine ranking and user engagement of a website may suffer as a result of this kind of material.


  • Conduct thorough research on your topic before creating new content.
  • Use different angles or perspectives when writing about the same topic.
  • Monitor and review your existing content regularly to identify and remove any duplicated content.
  • Use plagiarism checker tools to identify any duplicate content on your website.

16. Faulty navigation

inoperative navigation

The term “faulty navigation” describes problems with a website’s navigation structure that make it challenging for users to discover the information they’re looking for. The navigation of a website should be organized logically and clearly, with the most crucial pages at the top and subpages nestled within.


It’s crucial to carry out user research and testing, as well as routinely evaluate and update the navigation structure to make sure it is obvious, understandable, and simple to use, in order to repair poor navigation.

In order to find any problems that might be impeding user engagement, you should also utilize web analytics to monitor navigation and analyze which pages and sections of your website are receiving the most traffic.


You can rank your webpage when you will care about technical SEO issues. Your informative content cannot reach out to the audiences if you have SEO issues. An SEO agency in Bangladesh can easily solve all of your Technical SEO issues So that you can avoid webpage technical problems. Before hiring an SEO Agency, read our other informative article on Things to Consider When Hiring an SEO Agency. Hope these guidelines will help you a lot.

However, if you have any doubts, we are happy to help you more Contact Us.

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