Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in Bangladesh?

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Do you know that a global statistic says the demand for talents in digital marketing jobs is around 59%, while the active supply is only about 19%? The statistic clearly shows that digital marketing is a promising career globally. Now, you must be thinking that it’s a global statistic, but is digital marketing a good career in Bangladesh?

The question is valid for sure. Let’s get your answer throughout our article here. 

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. It refers to brand promotions to communicating with potential clients with the use of the internet along with other types of digital communication. The marketing channels include email, social media, web advertisements, and multimedia and text messages. It can have several forms like display ads, online videos, paid social advertisements, posts on social media, and SEO or search engine optimization marketing.

In short, if the marketing effort includes digital communication, it will be called digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Bangladesh

Importance of digital marketing in Bangladesh

Digital marketing is quite a vast niche that is creating various jobs for individuals. Various experts from different fields like web design and development, social media, branding, content creation, graphic designing, and the like work together to create fruitful marketing ideas. In Bangladesh, digital marketing is still in its initial phase, so, it demands more experts, and creating more employment opportunities for the upcoming generation.

Digital marketing is important in Bangladesh because of the following reasons:

1. Everyday internet users are increasing:

Statistic says that in January 2023, internet users were about 66.94 million in Bangladesh. Again, the rate of internet penetration in Bangladesh stood at 38.9% of its total population at the beginning of 2023. This stat is increasing day by day. 

2. People are becoming more comfortable and friendlier with online services and search engines than before:

With the advancement of science and technology, people are becoming more comfortable using online services and search engines. Because it saves their time and energy. They need not go anywhere to get their information. They can search for the information they need sitting in their places without going anywhere.

3. Businesses are getting more eager to invest in running digital campaigns:

As people are getting more used to using online services and the internet, businesses are also getting more eager to invest in running digital campaigns. Businesses want to get visible online to improve their brand visibility and image. Nothing will be better than digital marketing to serve this purpose for them.

4. Users are becoming more engaged on social media:

People in Bangladesh are getting more engagement on social media. Nowadays, most people in the cities and even in small towns have accounts on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, and the like. They love to watch videos and listen to music on YouTube.

5. Smartphones have taken place of the conventional phones:

If you go outside, you will see that most people have smartphones in their hands in Bangladesh. You will rarely see that people use landline phones. Smartphones have replaced conventional phones.

6. Affordable internet packages are now widely available for using Facebook:

In Bangladesh, people are more used to using Facebook than other social media websites. So, mobile operators in Bangladesh are offering affordable internet packages especially for using Facebook.

7. The Government of Bangladesh is implementing the Digital Bangladesh concept:

The government of Bangladesh is now strictly implementing its concept of Digital Bangladesh. So, they are emphasizing the development of all government websites. They are also emphasizing making each service online whether government or private.

Digital marketing holds great importance in Bangladesh for sure, but it requires more professionals in various fields because this opportunity is not only limited to businesses in the country. Digital marketing with its strength wants to eliminate the geophysical barriers and connect all potential businesses and consumers. In our developing economy, digital marketing can make a difference in your marketing career. The development of digital marketing trends needs to have a significant impact on our total economy, as well as, the marketing sector in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career? Or Why is Digital Marketing a Good Career Option in Bangladesh?

why digital marketing as a career

Digital marketing is a challenging profession that holds a vast scope for businessmen, creatives, and specialists. You have the option to concentrate on a single or different thing in which you have an interest. The field is not only engaging but also ever-changing. You will learn something fresh and new for sure.

Again, if you are engaged in an official job, you will be working with different clients and on different topics. So, there’s no scope for getting bored and exhausted.

Now, let’s focus deeply on some more reasons to answer your question: is digital marketing a good career in 2023 in Bangladesh?

1. High-Demand Profession:

The demand for digital marketing jobs is increasing in Bangladesh nowadays. Most corporate firms like to have digital marketers where you have the opportunity to earn more with your task. Many agencies are now in Bangladesh that solves the needs of their clients. This gives the platform of digital marketing a different competitive edge for you to develop your career.

2. More Career Options:

Different companies whether startups or reputed ones are looking for expert digital professionals with the growth of digitization in industries all over the world. Renowned companies like Grameenphone, Robi, and Banglalink have started their department to be involved with their social network for their clients’ needs. So, digital marketers have the scope to offer services according to their clients’ requirements.

3. More Payment:

As you have already come to know that the demand for digital marketing experts has exceeded the supply. So, it’s quite sure that you have the opportunity to earn more in these jobs if you have excellent expertise and skills.

4. Easily Begin Your Career:

You need to wait till completing an internship or graduation to start your professional career in conventional careers such as advertising, and the like. Whereas the field of digital marketing gives you tons of opportunities to rock your career even when you haven’t stepped into any workplace before.

5. Enjoy Versatility:

Digital marketing expertizes or skills have high demand and you have the option to apply these skills to any role or sector. So, this career is a graceful one for sure and if you want to select a career or go for specialization in this field, you will require only a little training to upgrade yourself to do this switch.

6. The Industry is Ever-Changing:

As your business grows, you will learn fascinating and new things continuously, and you can also track whether doing a great job or need some improvements. So, you will have a team of experts working to fix any issues to meet up requirements. Here, the profit is that when a job has high demand, you will always have the option to arrange for compensation whether you are working full-time or as a consultant.

7. Be Creative:

In this field of digital marketing, you have plenty of scopes to show your creativity whether in content writing, graphic designing, audio or video production, or even in different daily activities. Because if you work in such an evolving and dynamic environment, you will always need to think out of the box to market products, engage audiences, and improve customer experience.

8. Train Yourself:

You have the option to train yourself by taking various online tutorials, online sessions, reading blogs, and the like. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and get yourself admitted to any physical classes to upskill yourself. If you learn accordingly, you can design your website, design different graphic designs for your own or different companies, and can also learn to write unique content.

9. Enjoy Variation:

You will continuously learn something fresh and new in this sector. You also have the option to share that knowledge with either a client, colleague, or on social media. Thus, you will always keep yourself updated on all the new trends. You will get a chance to work with new people.

You will always enjoy this variation and never get bored of this field.

10. Remain Updated:

You will always remain updated because you don’t have any other options as mentioned above.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities or Digital Marketing Job in Bangladesh

Digital marketing has a vast range of career opportunities or jobs in Bangladesh. Let’s have a look at those:

  • Audio / Video Production

The Audio/Video Production role in digital marketing involves creating video and audio content for marketing purposes. This may include videos for social media, podcasts, or audio ads for digital campaigns. The role requires technical skills such as videography, audio engineering, and editing, as well as collaboration skills to work effectively with teams.

  • Mobile Marketing

The main role of a Mobile Marketing Manager in digital marketing is to develop and execute campaigns targeting mobile devices. This includes creating mobile-friendly ads, developing mobile apps, and optimizing websites for mobile users. Mobile Marketing Managers need to have a deep understanding of mobile technology, strong analytical skills and collaborate with other teams to deliver consistent branding. They play a critical role in reaching and engaging mobile audiences.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marketing is to improve the visibility and ranking of a website or webpage in search engine results pages. By optimizing the content and structure of a website, as well as utilizing strategic keywords and backlinks, SEO aims to increase organic traffic and improve the user experience for search engine users. This helps businesses to reach a wider audience, drive more traffic to their site, and ultimately increase conversions and revenue.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC

The responsibility of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in digital marketing is to increase website traffic and visibility through paid advertising on search engines like Google. SEM involves creating and managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, targeting specific keywords and audiences, and analyzing campaign performance.

  • Interactive technology like AI

The role of interactive technology like AI in digital marketing is to improve the customer experience and increase engagement. AI can be used to analyze customer data and behavior to personalize content and recommendations, as well as to automate tasks such as email campaigns, chatbots, and customer service. Interactive technology can also enhance the user experience with features such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive ads.

  • Graphic Designing

A Graphic Designer in digital marketing creates visual content such as images and infographics to convey brand messaging and engage with the audience. They work with teams to develop creative concepts and produce high-quality graphics for various marketing channels. The Graphic Designer plays a vital role in creating visually compelling content that captures the audience’s attention and conveys brand messages effectively.

  • E-commerce

The role of an E-commerce website manager in digital marketing is to manage and optimize an online store to drive sales and revenue. This involves creating product listings, optimizing website content, managing inventory, and analyzing website performance data. The E-commerce website manager has a deep understanding of website analytics and e-commerce technologies and works closely with marketing teams to align website content with marketing strategies.

  • Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing Manager is responsible for managing social media platforms to promote a brand or product. This includes developing social media strategies, creating content, monitoring and responding to comments, analyzing performance, and adjusting strategies to improve results. The Social Media Marketing Manager has strong communication skills, a deep understanding of social media platforms and trends, and the ability to work collaboratively with other teams.

  • Email Marketing

The responsibilities of Email Marketing in digital marketing include creating, designing, and executing email campaigns to promote products or services, raise leads, and create engagement with customers. This includes developing email content, managing email lists, creating automated workflows, and analyzing campaign metrics to optimize performance. Email Marketing plays a crucial role in building relationships with customers and driving revenue for businesses.

  • Content Creation and Management

The Content Creation and Management role in digital marketing involves creating and managing content that engages the target audience. This includes developing written, visual, and multimedia content for digital channels. The role requires expertise in content strategy, copywriting, design, and analytics. Successful professionals in this role create content that drives engagement and helps achieve business objectives.

  • Copywriting and Content writing

The role of Copywriting and Content Writing in digital marketing is to create written content that engages and persuades the target audience. Copywriting focuses on writing promotional materials such as ad copy, email campaigns, and product descriptions. Content Writing focuses on creating valuable content such as blog posts, articles, and social media posts that inform and educate the target audience. Both Copywriting and Content Writing require a strong understanding of the target audience, effective communication skills, and the ability to write in a persuasive and compelling way.

  • Marketing Automation

The responsibilities of Marketing Automation in digital marketing include designing, executing, and managing automated campaigns that use technology to streamline and optimize marketing activities. This may involve using tools like email automation, CRM software, and AI-powered systems to automate tasks such as lead scoring, email marketing, and social media advertising. Marketing Automation also involves analyzing data to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and making adjustments to improve performance.

  • Web Design

Web design is a critical component of digital marketing. A web designer’s role is to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that engage and convert visitors. They must ensure the website is compatible with various devices, represent the company’s brand identity, and continuously improve the website’s performance. A web designer’s contribution helps a company achieve its marketing goals and increase revenue.

  • Web Development

Web development is crucial for digital marketing because it creates the foundation for businesses to connect with their audience online. A well-designed website can increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and convert visitors into customers. Web developers work with digital marketers to optimize the website for search engines and also a good experience for users. They make sure that the website is visually attractive, easy to navigate, and accessible to all users. Web development is an essential and crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy.

  • Marketing / Business Strategy

In digital marketing, marketing, and business strategy work together to promote products or services online. Marketing creates content and executes advertising campaigns, while business strategy develops a plan to differentiate from competitors and optimize pricing. Together, they analyze data to improve campaigns and achieve business objectives.

  • Analytics

Analytics is like the secret weapon in digital marketing. It helps marketers track and measure the success of their campaigns, understand user behavior, and identify opportunities for improvement. By using analytics, marketers can personalize their campaigns and optimize their budget allocation to reach their target audience more effectively. In other words, analytics is the key to making data-driven decisions that lead to better results and higher ROI.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a key part of digital marketing. It involves collaborating with popular social media figures to promote a brand. Influencers help businesses connect with target audiences and create authentic content. It’s a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase conversions.

So, if you want to start a career in digital marketing, you need to gain knowledge and skills in these specific sectors. It will guide you on the right track for new, fresh graduates and high officials. You can check out our current vacancy for digital marketing jobs in Bangladesh on our career page.

You must have got your answer to the question is digital marketing still a good career, by now. And, you are also well aware of the fact that the future of digital marketing in Bangladesh is quite bright.

Now, let’s focus on the following thing.

Bonus Tips:

Begin Your Career in Digital Marketing by following these steps:

1.   Develop your website:

You don’t need several certifications to get into the sector of digital marketing, you may need them in some places. But if you don’t have the practical skills, no certification can help you. Build yourself so well that people can understand your skills just by talking to you. You can show that you have skills by owning a website.

If you have your website, you can use and test various marketing techniques there.

2.  Concentrate on only one marketing channel:

Various types of digital marketing channels are available now like SEO, email marketing, content marketing, and display and social ads. When you are running your site, it can be difficult for you to invest your time, energy, and resources in all of the marketing channels. Choose your channel as per your business needs.

3.   Have in-depth learning about the channel you have chosen:

Search online the area you have chosen, and find a thorough latest guide that discusses each thing you should know. Remain updated because there is no alternative to it in a fast-changing industry like digital marketing.

4.   Apply your learning in the right manner:

Learning without the exact application means nothing at all. For SEO in your site, focus on primary practices such as researching relevant keywords, writing content, and developing links. Just work hard with the exact guidelines. You won’t fail for sure.

5.   Learn the use of free digital marketing channels.

When you are beginning your career, it can be difficult for you to afford premium tools. There are some free tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Buffer, and Converter kit. Let’s know the basics:

Google Analytics: Check different crucial metrics like the number of people visiting your website, which pages are visited, their spent time on the site, and the like with this tool.

Google Ads: Get your campaigns designed and operate ads with it.

Google Search Console: Check which pages are indexed in Google, or see the keywords that get a good rank.

Buffer: You can post content automatically with it on social media.

Converter kit: A tool for email marketing that lets you control up to around 1000 subscribers.

Final Words:

Now, you must have got your answer to the question –is digital marketing a good career in Bangladesh? Of course, yes. Just follow the tricks mentioned above to keep yourself updated and upgraded. So, have a rocking career in digital marketing! Cheers!!!

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