Top 30 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

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What are you expecting to bring off through social media marketing? 

  • Brand recognition? 
  • Increasing sales? 
  • Spread the brand slogan toward the target audience? 
  • Improve your website traffic? 
  • Want to expand your brand into a large company? 

You can achieve those mentioned above if you are aware of social media mistakes. Your products may bring success on social media but if you skip the errors, then you get reduced fans, followers, and customers and engage with content. 

You know what, mistakes make us perfect. So be aware of the top 30 social media marketing mistakes that you need to avoid!  

What Does Social Media Marketing Mean Actually? 

Social media marketing is a part of internet marketing that operates social media networks to gain the objectives of the brand.

Social media allows the audience’s quarries, complaints, and feedback. And online brands have the opportunity to improve growth, spread the phrase of the brand’s product, and direct communication options with customers. 

You can understand who your customer is on social media platforms to purchase the products or services. You can assume what type of audiences follow your content. It helps to raise a particular voice for the target customers. 

You can learn about your audience and how they use social media. Based on their interest you can bring different types of products. 

Social media marketing helps you to share the product message with the audience. Obviously, you have a purpose and plan for your business. To target, you can draw the consumer’s attention through a social media marketing strategy. You can know about your competitors as well. 

Advantages of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is becoming another feature of digital marketing. It helps to reach customers worldwide. Marketers get benefit by using social media marketing strategies. 

Below mentioning the great advantages: 

1. Cost-effective: You can run product promotional ads with a little amount of money. When you apply your strategy and plan properly, it reduces your cost. 

2. Create a great impression: A good impression gains the authority and the trust of customers. 

3. Increase website traffic: When you post your content on social media platforms, you can increase your website traffic and sales as well. 

4. Healthier customer satisfaction: You can create a strong bonding with customers by satisfying them. 

5. Brand loyalty: Social media marketing builds brand loyalty by responding to and acknowledging it.

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Top 30 Social Media Mistakes You Should Stay Away From

There are a lot of reasons that turn to the failure of a social media campaign. While marketers ignore searching for the reasons, they can’t hit their goals. To make your social media campaign successful follow the fruitful hits.

#Mistake 1: Not Picking the Posting Strategy: It is good to post regularly on social media. But without preparing the proper plan, the post will not reach the target audience.

It is most important to think about what you should be posting. 

Success comes when you post video content on social media regularly. Video content helps to increase engagement rates. And, on Facebook, there is a high chance to get more views. 

It is most important to think about what you should be posting. 

There are some strategies, which are not maintained. For example, while posting, not following the updates like videos, images, plain text, quotes, and reshares.

Also, new and creative content needs to be posted to understand the followers’ desires and tastes.

If you don’t know when you should be posting, then you have less chance to increase engagement. You need to learn how to fix social media marketing mistakes. On Twitter per day, you are allowed to post 3-15 times. 

Currently, TikTok is the most popular platform and brands are depending on it because of its huge audiences. This platform offers many creative ideas to users to increase their following. On TikTok, posting time is important to know. Per day you can post 3 times. 

Brands engage new customers by creating content on Instagram. And it is enough to post once or twice per day. Also, by posting stories, Instagram helps to improve engagement. 

For advertising your product Facebook is the most important social media platform. So, it is standard to post three times per week. 

75% of people prefer to buy products from online shopping. So, marketers can profit more from Pinterest. That is why 3-10 times are accessible to post daily.

#Mistake 2: Careless of the social media calendar of each network: You are posting on social media for spreading your branding awareness and product information. There is no benefit of posting if you aren’t aware of your followers when they are active online.

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Users visit different social media platforms at different times. Based on the research, there is an estimated day for posting on each network. It is important to follow when you should be posting.

On Facebook Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (between 9 am-1 pm) are standard to post. Tuesday is the perfect time to post on Instagram and you can post in the middle of 11 am – 2 pm.

For posting on LinkedIn Tuesday and Wednesday is most appropriate and 9 am is the right time to get the audience. The hit days to post on Pinterest are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and more active times are between 1-2 pm. For TikTok, there are no selective days to post but 2 am and 12 am is the prominent time to post.

#Mistake 3: Misunderstanding content marketing: While posting any content, it is necessary to understand the audience’s physiology. You can’t avoid user-generated content. If you don’t value their tastes they won’t be interested in watching your video content anymore.

Common mistakes that marketers create usually in content marketing. Such as: 

  • Posting monotonous content: Dull content doesn’t carry any meaning, rather it reduces followers. Posting valueless content regularly on social media platforms loses your brand reputation and engagement.
  • Posting irrelevant content: It is obvious to post regularly but it doesn’t mean you need to post offensive content on social media. Sometimes you can share some funny posts but it has to be relevant and connected with your brands. 
  • Posting imperfect written content: Written skill is necessary for posting any content. Catchy copy grabs the audience’s attention. Unprofessional and grammatical mistakes offend the followers. 
  • Inconsistency of sharing content: Often posts make followers forgettable. Even if you lose the connection with your followers. 
  • Sharing only your own content: Nobody likes narcissists. If you only share your daily story without your product info, that makes it boring to your audiences. You need to post interesting content which increases the value of your brand. 

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#Mistake 4: Don’t use data management and analytics: To run a business, data is an important fact. In the digital platform, awareness and activeness are necessary because you don’t know what will be applicable to your business. 

Following the trends is part of digital marketing strategy. Updating the business is crucial for competing with competitors. Without data and information, you never update your business strategy. And on online platforms, it is very important to discover and follow the trends for presenting your products to the audience. 

You should measure the performance to know how views, comments, shares, and reactions you get for each content. You can use Buffer’s analytics for measuring 

#Mistake 5: Don’t analyze and test for taking new challenges: When you are more active and post on social media, you can get to know timing and content strategy. But without analyzing you can’t understand which media is best for your business.

As an online business owner, you need to test something new. Social media platforms are changeable and you should apply innovative ideas for testing. If your idea works well, you need to continue your business. 

#Mistake 6: No automation, engagement, and paying attention: Automation saves money and time for the business. It also assists you to be more focused on your business goal. It offers authentic results without making errors. 

Your updated content expands the engagement and that will be stronger when you create great conversations with the audience. You should listen to your audience’s opinion and respond to their comments. 

#Mistake 7: Posting only landscape videos and images:  Actually most marketers post landscape videos and images. Because they know the landscape is the standard form to post on social media. 

This concept is wrong. The experiment of Buffer, reveals that engagement rates and views expand more when posting square videos. And many users watch videos on mobile phones and squire size is suitable for mobile phones. 

#Mistake 8: Not filling out the profiles completely:  Business account on social media platforms, requires to fill out completely. Photo, cover photo, and bio are mandatory to express the account information properly. 

By seeing your photo audiences get to assume the type of business and your bio expresses your business. 

While adding your bio on social media accounts, maintain professionalism. Also, when you write your bio some important things need to be remembered. For instance, be careful about keywords and use fresh language with correct grammar.  

#Mistake 9: Jumping on social media sites without determining: Online business marketers’ main focus is to target audience. But it is important to analyze which platform is suitable for your business so that you can get authentic customers.  

Randomly opening social media accounts on different platforms, never means your brand can create awareness. You need to do research on which social platform you have your potential customers, when your followers are more active on social media, and what type of content increases views more on social platforms. 

#Mistake 10: Focusing on quantity, not quality: Small business owners and single social media managers cannot focus on quality content. If you post high-quality content per day rather than posting 3-5 times per day, then your engagement rate increases more. 

Posting continuously doesn’t mean you are maintaining your social media strategy. 


Because when you aren’t aware of high-quality content, it means you aren’t targeting ideal clients. Social media managers introduce products and services by making content. While making content they keep in mind who will buy the product, the gender, age, income, and location. These are important to know before making content. 

Also, not pursuing a good relationship with their followers. When you post high-quality content, your followers will comment on your post to share their opinion. You should reply back on their comment to maintain a good connection. Also, you can increase your sales and hold your old customers as well. 

#Mistake 11: Forget old customers: On online platforms to build trust, authenticity, and brand reputation you can’t deny your old customers. Remember your old customers help you to bring in new customers. And they keep your business alive. So, be remembered by your customers.

#Mistake 12: Don’t use an email marketing strategy: This strategy is old but you need to follow it. If you want to expand your sales and make a strong relationship with your ideal consumers’ email marketing is a good method to apply in your social media marketing. 

#Mistake 13: Not measuring the result: By measuring the result, you can understand the performance of your social media campaign. When you invest money in your campaign, you should know about your ROI, cost per click (CTC), and cost per action (CTA). 

#Mistake 14: Not using proper hashtags: Hashtags help the users to get the relevant information that they are searching for. On social media platforms, it is very important to use. 

Also, a social media manager needs to know the right usage of hostages because hashtags catch the user’s attention. 

#Mistake 15: Overlook the competition: On social media platforms, there are many competitors to take away your old customers. So holding your customers for a long time, you need to arrange different contests when you can.

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#Mistake 16: Buying followers: Having followers is a good sign for a brand. But having fake followers is not a positive sign to reach your goals. You should never focus on the numbers, rather focus on your business performance. Remember a loyal follower is enough than thousands of fake followers. 

#Mistake 17: Not optimizing content for mobile devices: When users visit social media platforms, usually they use smartphones. People order food and products over mobile phones. That is why it is necessary to make your content optimized for mobile devices. Otherwise, you lose your target customers. 

#Mistake 18: Avoiding video marketing: On social media platforms your engagement rate increases more when you upload videos for your social media marketing. For posting videos on Facebook the interaction rate is higher because of sharing and commenting.

#Mistake 19: Not responding to the questions on social: According to Sprout Social’s research 65% of customers purchase products depending on brand loyalty. 75% of customers like to share the product experience and 70% of customers prefer to get service online because of the brand’s service. 

You can easily expand your business growth when you respond to the customers’ interests and try to understand their opinion as well.

#Mistake 20: Not using SEO: Without SEO you can’t assume how your customers search for your product. And websites will go in vain if you don’t apply SEO. If you want the users to get your website on the first page, then without SEO it isn’t possible.

#Mistake 21: Neglect website design: Before buying products the customers visit your website. When they see your website design is not up to date they lose interest in purchasing. No one invests money to buy something without research. Make a perfect design for your website but keep it as simple as you can.

#Mistake 22: Posting the same content across social media platforms: Users like authentic and new content to watch. When you post the same content on different social media platforms, your engagement rate will not be the same as before. So, if you post content on Facebook, don’t post the same content on Instagram. Rather make new content that is trendy on Instagram.

#Mistake 23: Copying the content: Copying others is not the solution to increase your brand value. You can gain ideas through research but not directly copying others. Be creative to make your own content.

#Mistake 24: Voicing too salesy: Introducing products in such a way that turns to force the customers to buy. Promote your product softly so that customers are eager to purchase your products.

#Mistake 25: Not using Influencer: Influencer marketing is most popular among marketers. The audiences follow influencers and trust them. And on social media large and small brands use influencers for promoting their product.

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#Mistake 26: Forgetting the mission for increasing followers: When social media managers come to live on social media platforms they mainly focus on increasing their followers. Asking to share more with others but skipping the purpose and goal of the business. Followers automatically grow if you are able to prove your brand’s authenticity. 

#Mistake 27: Getting angry when you get negative comments: On social networks, it’s very common to get negative comments. In this situation, you need to deal strategically. Don’t overreact when you get negative comments. 

#Mistake 28: Not using the right analysis metrics: To understand the impact of your social network, you need to know to learn the usage of analytical tools.

Learn how to audit & analyze your social media from here.

#Mistake 29: Excessive promotion: Excessive ads, make the customers bored. Without promoting the product, you can arrange fun contests so that customers are eager to participate. This strategy helps to get new customers and create a good bonding with them. 

#Mistake 30: Hiring second-rate agencies: Some brands don’t have time to manage their social media accounts. Then they hire agencies. But without research, they hire second-rate agencies that waste their money and time. In this case, I can recommend digiSocial which you can afford and thrust as well. They have expert teams to improve your social media strategy. 

What skills does every social media manager need for successful campaigns? 

For managing the social network, a social media manager needs to have SEO, PPC, and analytics. Another important skill is to have content management skills. They should have knowledge of content creation and good writing skills. Also, maintaining a good relationship with clients and influencers is a good quality of social media management. Finally, when you hire a social media manager, ask about their customer experience. Because at the end of the day, your purpose is to engage their customers with your brand.

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Final Thoughts 

When you make a plan for social media marketing, keep all those mistakes in your mind. But there are some core steps that you must remember. Select your social network and complete your account with proper information. Next, try to finance the voice of your business so that you can engage your ideal customers. Finally, never forget to measure the results of your campaign. 

Good luck! 

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