Common E-commerce SEO Problems in Bangladesh

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Do you have any plans for online services?  If you have then you need to be aware of E-commerce SEO. Why? The answer is very simple. As e-commerce has become so popular over the years in the Bangladeshi context, this e-commerce business market has increased by approximately 20 billion.  

You may still face some challenges in E-commerce and those are based on SEO. In Bangladesh, people mainly face page speed, irrelevant topics, keywords, delivery problems, and the trustworthiness of product services.  

Here, I will explain the common e-commerce SEO problems in Bangladesh and you can get the solutions throughout this article. Before driving this article you have to know why SEO is important for Ecommerce Websites.

Here you will get to know Some common E-commerce SEO problems and their Solution in 2023

1. Don’t forget to make your content SEO-Friendly

make your website content SEO friendly

SEO-friendly content boosts the ranking in search results. And for making SEO-friendly content you need to practice some steps:

Create a list of Keywords

To upgrade your website, you need to care about the use of correct phrases. And if you don’t know how you can select related and plausible keywords for your business product you can take help from different tools. Such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, or SEMrush. These tools help you to find related keywords for your business profile.   

Analyze Google First Page

Before writing any content for your webpage, it is important to analyze the first page of Google. As all good and informative content is represented by Google on its first page. So, read and analyze the web pages to know the information which is covered and find out the gaps to add your content.   


When you write for your product need to maintain the relevance of the keywords. Don’t try to make irreverent content for your product. Fix with your topic and keywords.


Always focus on your transactional intent which is important for your search marketing. Like, choose the keywords in such a way for selling to the customers that they are eager to purchase your product. 

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When you read something if you don’t get much pleasure, definitely you will not continue to read. In the same way, never try to make garbage content that will never get views or be shared.

Make good content that is useful and increases trustworthiness, and solves the problem of your readers.  

When you start to write by using “why” in your content, that means you are ready for your readers to provide information. As a result, the chances of subscribers, readers, and shares will be increased.

Next, you always remember for whom you are writing. Who will read your content, and who will be your regular readers? Maintain your writing pattern for the target audiences and how they like most to read.

Provide the information in which sector you are an expert. Don’t try to be over-smart in front of your audience. Always try to give informative information with your knowledge and try to understand the point of your readers and what they want you to read.

Be clear and authentic about your content. Never focus on the length of the content rather is focused on the density. Make your content meaningful, readable, and shareable. Also, update your content with correct information based on the review.  

By following all that information I can make sure you can get more traffic to your e-commerce website than before.

2. Don’t you optimize your product?

optimize your products effectively

Solving your SEO problem you cannot avoid updating your product review, description, and your pages. And there are many ways to update and organize your product page, and now I will tell you about them.

Do you know that an organized product page catches the attention of customers? Even the browser will give suggestions to the users for visiting your page.

Need tips? Okay, Listen.  

Make the perfect product description

It is mandatory to make a detailed description of your products. In this case, remember-

  • Describe the content in a few sentences
  • Avoid detailed explanation
  • Skip unnecessary information

Use standard product image 

In this era, if you are not concerned about your product image then surely I can say your business journey is very near to the end.

Feeling nervous? Don’t worry I am giving you the solution.

  • Capture a real pic for your target customer
  • Focus on the background for your product image
  • Create a review option for the product
  • Mention the size, measurement, quality, and material description of the product
  • Missing Alt text in images can be a major issue

Create a sense of urgency

This technique is so useful to increase your selling more than 200%.


If your product creates value and when your target customers will know that your products have limited availability then they will feel an urgency to buy your product.

Intuitive layout 

Most of the owners have a dream to expand their business. Do you have the same intention?  Then you need to think globally. Many customers will visit your page, they may not be able to understand your language but understand the process to use your website. So, try to make your layout as simple as you can.

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Create social sharing buttons   

Social media plays a vital role in promoting business products. For e-commerce businesses, social sharing buttons make your product viral! However, you need to be conscious if you are new to your business profession. 


There is a chance to spread negative reviews regarding your products. It’s better not to share social sharing buttons if you are a newcomer. Rather first focus to enhance your audience and build traffic to your product pages.      

Shipping Information

In this modern era, people depend on purchasing products online. So, it is a necessary part to add shipping information about your business.

On your product page, you can share your product shipping information so that customers get the perfect ideas. And if you have any offers such as a “free shipping opportunity” for a certain time then make it a highlighter for taking the attention of customers!  

Hope my suggestions may help you to get successful.   

Customer Reviews

To whom you are doing your business? Obviously, for customers isn’t it? So it is very important to find out who is your ideal customer.  Based on it you should ask questions to your customers to know their opinions about your products and services. You can ask –

What do they want?

For example, you have a store of fruit juice. Customers like your juice but they want some variation on the taste of your juice. Therefore, this review may help you to bring satisfaction to your ideal customers.

What do they struggle with

Suppose, you have a store of fruit juice. You add sugar to increase the taste, which may not be good for a certain group of people who have health issues. However, these people like to drink your juice.

In this situation, you should take alternative steps for them. You can produce sugar-free or zero calories juice for those who cannot take sugar.  

If you show concern for your customers, they will rely on your products which will be one of the best achievements for you!  

Who is buying and who is not buying from you?

Who is buying products from you? Are they satisfied with your services? By asking these types of questions you can understand who your target customers are.  

On the other hand, you may notice some customers, who bought some products from you but now they are not buying your products. Try to find out why they don’t buy and where is the lacking of your product and service.  

These activities are not silly because if you have the plan to do your business for a long time then it will be a matter to take care of your customers.

3. Don’t you clean up Technical SEO?

technical seo for ecommerce

For e-commerce business purposes it is not only important to focus on keywords but also on technical sides. Otherwise, it would be tough to understand your website.

Well, I am here to guide you in avoiding the common mistake of technical SEO.

Are you ready??

Make URLs comprehensible

To find out your product information, the most crucial part is URLs which provide clean and clear information to search engines.

I hope you already know how search engines work. With the help of URLs search engines make the space for usurers to be searchable and shareable. 

Now the question is arriving in your mind: how do you make your URLs comprehensible?  

One secret I am telling you right now, for making a rank on an e-commerce site, your correct URL is the key factor.  

Okay, come to the main point, how can you fix it?

It’s easy.

Firstly, you have to make a list of your URLs and transfer it into the spreadsheet. Here, you can rewrite your URLs manually.

Secondly, use keywords based on your own wish. But be careful if you have similar products from the same brand, just change the formation to make your product identifiable. That’s it!

Lastly, make your URL unique, short, and usurer friendly.

Do you have good website architecture?

In e-commerce sites, a good website architecture matters a lot. You know many renowned companies spend a huge amount of money on website architecture.

Wait, you don’t need to be worried. I am here to guide you in such a way that, you can make your website rank without spending money.

Tips and tricks both are free but you need to know how to apply them in the correct way. You can do the-

  • Make a simple website design.
  • Focus on the paragraph font size that customers can read.
  • Conscious of using color. Don’t use bright colors to make your site unreadable.
  • Use product images with perfect size, and make clear product detail and price.
  • Use big buttons and make text links clearly on your website.

If you are able to make your website structure and architecture perfect, your customers will gain trust and interest to buy your products.

As you know the first glimpse can catch the attention of human beings, so be prepared to make your website architecture good.

Good Luck!

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Use SSL certificate

In an e-commerce platform having an SSL certificate is important. Why?

Just think of you, if you want to visit some site and then the browser asks you, do you really want to visit this site? This site may not safe for you.

Now tell me what will you do? I can guess your answer. Definitely, you won’t eager to visit this site.

Well, you can understand the importance and necessity of an SSL certificate.

It’s easy to acquire an SSL certificate.


You can find many hosting who are providing a package for free or take charge to buy. Well, then you need to install it and it works automatically for your website. Sometimes it may create a minor problem but you can solve it with the help of various “Force SSL” plugins.  

Don’t miss to use the correct product tags

Using correct and unique tags is important for SEO. Well, you can ask me how you can use different tags for your product.

No worries. Every problem has a solution. And I am here to solve it.

Well, using dynamic filters is the best way for your product tags but for SEO you have to be skilled to apply some keywords. Also, you can take the help of “SERP” to find out keywords for your products.   

Page speed

Your business ranking may fall or easily you can lose your target audience within a second.

How is it possible? Because of your low page speed.  

Want a solution?  

Go and visit “Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool” to develop your site’s speed. Google will check your mobile and desktop speed and let you know the speed rate of your website.

Use Redirects

The benefit of using redirects is to inform you to make different URLs from another one.  

So I think it would be a wise decision to use redirects in an e-commerce platform.


Language and communication both are important for selling products. What do you think?  I think in the world we are connected globally. And language plays a crucial role.   

You are thinking how could you set your language based on geography?

Technologies are becoming advanced and you just need to be an expert on how to use them. For solving this problem you can use Hreflang, which will help you to select alternative languages based on geography and multiple versions of the same page.  

 And the good news is you can get global customers if you use Hreflang HTML for your e-commerce platform.  


On your page which part or which section is important, you can inform Google by using sitemap. We all want to rank our page. The use of this type of tool definitely helps to enhance the traffic to your site.   

Technical SEO issues may affect your website ranking in SERPs. To fix technical SEO issues you can read our recent guide on Common Ways to Fix Technical SEO Issues in Bangladesh.


Only you can solve your e-commerce SEO problems when you will be aware of updating your websites. As you can guess, the play of SEO is never can be possible to stop. Different types of strategies are established in e-commerce SEO platforms.

So, the solution is clear and simple-

Just keep providing authentic information from your website and analyzing the updates for surviving in the e-commerce industry.

Hope the guidelines may reduce your concern and you can get to know where your problem is and how could you solve them successfully.

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If you face any questions regarding this topic please feel free to ask and don’t hesitate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you want to buy a mobile phone. It is a common habit for most of us to get an idea before buying. When you will search to know about the information and if you will never get a proper description, you will not eager to buy it.

Ultimately product description matters for SEO. Why? Because without a proper description, no one will purchase your online product. So, it is mandatory to add descriptions but be concise and never dare to copy from others.

Actually, it is tough to tell specifically, what type of content is best for SEO. Because everything is changing and updating day by day.

However, you may get the highest ranking on your site by writing trending content. You can use this strategy for a short time of your product promotion.

Another tip for making good content, try to use infographics that reduce the monotones of readers and grab their attention. Also, adding videos to your content is the best way to rank. Though, informative and unique content always matters.

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