10 Common SEO Mistakes for Small Businesses Must Avoid In Bangladesh In 2023

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For your small business to grow your customer must be aware that you exist. And to create your brand’s awareness you must do search engine optimization (SEO) to direct your targeted audience to your website. SEO when done following Google’s rules and regulations will be awarded the top ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). In this guide I have mentioned the 10 Common SEO mistakes small businesses must avoid in Bangladesh, so that your business can drive more organic traffic to your website.

And if this guide is followed, then that traffic can be converted to generate sales.

How does SEO Works for small business?

SEO is done to help clients find your small business in SERP. When the SEO is done strategically the website’s rank improves. This will drive more organic visitors and by using optimized keywords you can reach a broader audience. With a broader audience, target keywords, and high-quality content a website’s traffic increases which helps to generate more revenue.

Why SEO is important for small businesses?

If you are trying to make your small business grow then SEO is a must for a better online presence. SEO helps to reach your website to potential customers by creating more brand awareness. As more people search for local businesses on Google, more and more businesses are marketing themselves on the internet.

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Here are 10 common SEO mistakes and how to fix them

Let’s find out what the common mistakes are and how to fix them for you to get more sales:

Mistakes related keywords

1. Mistakes related to keywords

Common SEO-related issues are keywords-related mistakes are the most common mistakes done when doing SEO. If the keywords are not audience targeted, then the organic traffic to your website will always be low no matter what you do. Below are the common mistakes related to keywords:

  • Failure to focus on keyword search intent is one of the most common mistakes concerning keyword searching. If your targeted audience can’t find your website when searched then your rate of sales won’t increase. This is because when someone is typing a keyword they are looking for:

    • Navigational is when someone is looking for a specific website.

    • Transactional is when someone is looking to buy a product or service.

    • Informational is when someone is searching for information.

    • Commercial is when someone is looking for commercial information.

Google matches the searched keyword or phrase with your optimized keyword and brings your website in front of your audience. If the intended purpose is not clear then you will lose that potential customer.

  • Repetitive keywords are also a common SEO error to avoid. As Google will take this as a sign that you are trying to trick its algorithm to gain ranking. And the penalty for such actions is almost nonrecoverable.

  • When the proper keywords in headings and subheadings are not used then Google AI won’t be able to match the searched keyword with your website so the practice of making relatable headings and subheadings is the way to go.

  • Optimizing the wrong keyword has a similar effect and there is a chance your website won’t be indexed.

Not using NLP ( natural language processing) keywords is Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) which understands what your content is about and if the keywords used are not NLP then the AI won’t be able to relate your website with the keyword search.

2. Not using good titles and metadata

missing good titles

In SERP the title and meta descriptions work as an incentive to drive more naturally organic traffic. Title tags and meta description tells Google and your audience what your website is so to get them to click on your website link this is the perfect advertisement. 

To get the audience on your side this is the perfect opportunity which will tell them why your website is the best one for them to visit. 

Common SEO mistakes to avoid when writing title tags and metadata:

  • Don’t leave the title tags and meta description field.
  • Don’t stuff all the related keywords in the title and meta description.
  • Avoid using repetitive title tags and metadata for every page.
  • Don’t exceed more than 50-60 characters when writing title tags
  • And when writing meta descriptions don’t exceed more than 150-160 characters.
doing common SEO mistakes for content

3. Most common SEO mistakes regarding content

 When writing content you must keep in mind why you are writing the content. This is to give Google the correct data so that it knows which audience is to be targeted. It should be helpful content to users. If the content quality is low then the visitors won’t stay for long on your website. Google takes dwell time (the amount of time a visitor stays on your page before returning to the original SERP) into account so publishing high-quality content is an absolute must.

Similarly copy-pasting content can earn you a penalty which as mentioned before is hard to recover from. 

And lastly, failing to follow EAT means Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. When writing content you need to know enough information about it so you are in one sense an expert on it. This is because if you are not an expert then the information won’t be as authentic or relatable to the reader. 

Providing details about the author like name, social media info, and linking to the author’s web page is a good way to gain the trust of the audience.

4. SEO goals should be kept in mind

When doing SEO you cannot expect results overnight as it takes time for SEO to work, so keep that in mind when working on the website.

 Not focusing on on-page SEO is a common SEO mistake small businesses should avoid when doing SEO. As mentioned above, proper titles and structured content will help with NLP and our goal is to make them understand what our content is about. 

SEO goals should be kept in mind

Breaking down the content into structured sections with headings like h1-h6 is a good tactic. Making lists with bullet points and numbers makes the content scannable for the reader. Including links in your content helps to optimize better and backlinking helps the content further when it is getting ranked.
Including media like videos and images also helps Google to crawl the website. When the image is tagged correctly then it will help Google better understand your content.

Not making SEO-friendly websites

5. Not making SEO-friendly websites

Your website needs to be user-friendly. If the website is slow to load, the content is tricking users or it is not SSL certified then the dwell time of that website will be less resulting in a low rank on SERP.  An SEO-friendly website can help you to rank 90% better than your competitors’ websites.

If your visitor has to wait for the website to load then the user experience will be negative and every negative review hampers that website’s ranking. 

Mobile searches have taken over the internet so if the website is not mobile-friendly then you will be losing a lot of traffic. This is one of the most common SEO mistakes to make. To get more organic traffic through mobile you should make the load time faster and make a creative unique design that will drive more leads.

6. Local Seo is Ignored

Local SEO is vital for small local businesses in Bangladesh to generate more leads and increase organic traffic to their website. One common SEO error to avoid is ignoring local SEO. To optimize and get more local traffic, start with a Google My Business listing and include the NAP (name, address, and phone number) on your website. Adding a Google Map in the contact section helps create trust with visitors, which is important for online businesses.

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Importance of Local SEO

Since over 80% of searches in Bangladesh are done on mobile, optimizing for mobile searches is crucial for local SEO. To stay ahead of competitors and rank your website in mobile searches, consider hiring an SEO service provider.

Sharing previous customer and product reviews on your website is also recommended as it informs future customers about the quality of your products or services. By avoiding common SEO mistakes and investing in local SEO for small businesses in Bangladesh can attract more customers and grow their revenue.

Don’t let common SEO mistakes hold you back – invest in our Local SEO Services today and take your business to the next level!

do proper SEO audits

7. Not doing SEO Audits

Updating existing content is always a good practice in terms because it tells the visitor you are keeping up-to-date with current trends. This is why an expert SEO will do monthly or quarterly SEO audits to find if there are any lackings in the website. 

Common ways to fix SEO mistakes are SEO audits, which help to find out problems and then take steps to fix them. Like fixing broken links and lag time boosts SEO strategy.

When you are working with an SEO company then SEO audits will help you to get an idea, in terms of progress. SEO audits let you know how your money is being spent which is important if you want to track your ROI. Also, this will tell if the scheduled time proposed is being kept or not. Even if you are doing your SEO making an audit report will only help you keep track of your progress and keep yourself within a scheduled time.

8. Not keeping up-to-date with the latest SEO updates

Google is constantly updating so it can give a better experience for the user. For you to get ahead of your competitors the SEO expert needs to keep up to date with all the updates Google makes. Google’s latest update to its algorithm has changed a lot of SEO practices which are being rendered outdated.

keeping up-to-dates with seo trends

If you want to keep yourself informed about the latest updates then subscribe to top SEO bloggers and newsletters. Following Facebook pages and visiting, forums are also good practices to keep oneself updated with all the latest information about Google.

Using outdated methods will only hamper your organic traffic and so it is always recommended to hire the best SEO agency that is up-to-date with the latest SEO updates like DigiSocial.

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No backlinking your site

9. No backlinking

Backlinking with trusted websites helps to rank a website on SERP. As this is an important part to get ranking people often buy backlinks which more than often results in penalties from Google. To avoid this hire a good SEO agency that knows to stay within the guidelines and know-how to get trusted backlinks.

Backlinking also helps to drive more organic traffic as it tells google how popular a website is and in addition, it helps generate more revenue.

10. Not telling Google which pages to crawl

To help google crawl through and index all the pages of a website, interlinking is the best way. The crawler, crawling a page will crawl all the linked pages that’s why interlinking is a good practice. Common SEO errors to avoid by having an XML sitemap, this will help link all the pages you want to appear in search results.

no robots.txt file added

You would need to include the pages you want in search results in the XML and the rest of you put in a robots.txt file. If you wish Google not to crawl a page you can use the no-index tags in the robots.txt file. A common SEO mistake is to unintentionally block a page so to avoid that check and double-check the robots.txt file.

Final words

The 10 common SEO mistakes small businesses must avoid in Bangladesh are mentioned above. When these points are followed then you will start to see more quality traffic. 

To avoid these mistakes hire the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh, DigiSocial. We will ensure that your business will generate more revenues.

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