Facebook Marketing in Bangladesh at low cost (9Proven Ways)

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Which is the most popular social media platform in Bangladesh? Any guesses? 

Yes, it’s Facebook.

Now the question comes, how many people use Facebook in Bangladesh?

The number of Facebook users in Bangladesh is 43.25 million in 2023.

Do you want to grow your brand reputation on Facebook? It’s because Facebook marketing is becoming a custom of using Facebook to send marketing messages to customers. Facebook marketing plays a crucial role in digital marketing as it allows businesses to reach a large and engaged audience on a highly targeted basis.

You can use Facebook marketing if your motive is: 

  • To increase traffic to the website 
  • To expand sales 
  • To build a good relationship with consumers 
  • To intensify your brand value and boost your ROI 

But still, you have confusion that how to do Facebook marketing in Bangladesh at a low cost. 

Stay cool; I got your point. 

Here, I have clarified 15 effective proven ways for you to create a glint in your business and gain smart growth as well.

What is Facebook marketing?  

Facebook marketing is a tool that allows a diversity of particularly earmarked paid advertising, connecting with target consumers and prolonging the brands’ presence on Facebook. 

Facebook marketing pays attention to users’ benefits. By creating focused ads you can increase your sales, connection, and communication with the right customers. Even if you are a small business owner then Facebook marketing is a perfect option to expand your business growth and you also need to know how much Facebook advertising costs in Bangladesh.

Why is Facebook good for marketing? 

When marketing terms come to the social media platform, Facebook plays a vital role in business. And it is a strong social network-building platform so, users firmly rely on this Facebook marketing for business. 

Let’s get an intense glance at why we consider Facebook for growing business. 

  • Increase website traffic: Facebook is good for marketing because it spreads awareness and conversations which help to bring website traffic.
  • Global scope: On this platform, you can create ads that may spread to a massive audience.
  • Psychographic targeting: Based on the characteristics, behavior, lifestyle, and hobby Facebook target the users.
  • Ensure highly targeted paid ads: By giving Facebook ads you can get your target audience depending on gender, location, age, and interest. In one word you can target your audience based on demography.
  • Combine options with other marketing channels: Facebook allows combined options to work with other marketing channels such as Facebook messenger ads, email marketing, mobile marketing, and search engine marketing to expand the brand community.

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Why do you do Facebook marketing? 

Facebook marketing is crucial for any company because it builds community, helps to spread brand awareness, drives sales, and accumulates the right customers. 

And why do you need Facebook marketing? Mentioning some reasons for Facebook marketing: 

  • Low cost of marketing: If you are a small business owner, then at the beginning level you may not have a business website page. Rather you can make a Facebook page without any cost. On this page, you can upload your photo and content. In addition, you can do email marketing about your product on Facebook at no cost. 
  • Establish your brand reputation: Spreading brand awareness within a short time is possible only for Facebook. Because your customers can interact with you to know about the product. Immediately you can reply to the queries of the consumers. Therefore you can develop your brand loyalty as well. 
  • Natural reach possible: By sharing, commenting, and reacting you can reach out to the target audience. For that reason, you don’t need to run any paid ads. 
  • Facebook ads are less expensive than PPC ads: Facebook ad is a low cost advertising method than PPC ads costs therefore, small business owners can afford them. Research suggests that advertisers should expect to pay $0.94 per click or $12.07 per 1,000 impressions. Facebook ads work well to grab the attention of potential customers.

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Benefits of Facebook Marketing 

For business purposes, you need to apply a marketing strategy. And without a marketing strategy, you can’t bring your profit. The cost of Facebook marketing is cheaper than any other marketing strategy and anyone can afford it. You can reach your goal by getting the benefits of Facebook marketing. 

  • Efficient for marketing: Facebook advertising is more systematic for promoting products. It is fast and effective to get instant results. Choosing Facebook ads is the best option for your brand marking because you can do it at a cheap cost. 
  • Target Audience: The purpose of using social media is to target the right audience. And Facebook can definite the customers based on demography. Suppose, your target audiences are female teenagers. And with the help of Facebook marketing, you can only select them. 
  • Variation of Ad formats: Facebook offers variations of ad formats. You can select the formats in which you prefer to use supposed text or visuals. Even you can boost your product or use carousel ads. If you use a carousel ad, you have the option to demonstrate products of more than ten on your page. 
  • Good effect on SEO: While the engagement rates increase, Google can understand users’ involvement. Also, Facebook ads may have a social signal which probably helps to enhance the rankings of SEO. 
  • Keeps exciting customers engaged: Facebook marketing helps you to bring back repeat visitors. Currently, Facebook allows different types of marketing channels and with the assistance of email marketing, you can mail the customers directly. Through the medium of Facebook marketing, you can promote your services to your most likely audience. 

12 Types of Facebook Marketing

Facebook introduces different types of ads and business owners use these formats counting on their requirements. You can use Facebook ad formats that meet your objective. Here is the list of Facebook marketing so that you can boost your Facebook ad strategies. 

  • Image ads: By using product images you can make ads and add a link to your page. You can use text with your image ad. However, you are allowed to use words less than 20%. Most of the time beauty and cosmetic shops use this image ad format for promotion. 
  • Video ads: video ad is similar to image ad but you can get better engagement if you use video ads. People like video ads more than image ads. Though video ad costs a bit. While using video ads, make sure about the ratio, ad size, and video length.

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  • Collection ads: If you want to post your products in a catalog form, then you can choose a collection ad. This ad allows both video and image to make the form. To increase sales, express brand stories, and expand customers’ purchases, a collection ad is another effective format. 
  • Instant experience ads: Based on the user’s experience, this ad engages the potential consumers. You have to create rich and publish awesome content for products so that you get more clicks. But for this ad, you have to invest a lot because there is a high chance to engage the right customers in a short time. 
  • Carousel ads: In a single advertisement you can include ten images or videos. You have the option to explain detailed info about a product or add short info about different products. Using the same URL you can add the product’s link that makes more connections and conversations. 
  • Poll ads: If you want to take the opinion of your target audience then you can use poll ads. This ad is more effective for spreading brand awareness. This format allows both image and video. Before using poll ads, do a short research about customers. 
  • Slideshow ads: It is full of fast speed if the users’ internet connection is poor to run. You can make excellent videos by adding music to your product and you don’t need to pay an additional charge. Also, this feature offers to keep images in stock and free tools for video editing. 
  • Lead generation ads: The purpose of using this ad is to collect the email Id of the target customers so that they can promote the services through the users’ email accounts. You can increase your page likes and responses by using this ad. 
  • Messenger ads: Users can see the ad while they using their messenger. If they click on your ads then they can enter your website or direct message on your Facebook page.
  • Dynamic ads: The ad arrives mechanically to the people who have fascinated by your website or app. This ad is worthwhile because not only you can understand your ROI but also get better results. 
  • Stories ads: people not only love to share the story but also like to watch others’ stories as well. So, stories ad is most effective for advertising the product. You can only post images or videos by adding the tap of “shop now”. If the customers click on the tap, they can visit your page to purchase your product. 
  • Augmented reality ads: This ad usually appears on the mobile screen from the field of the user’s eyesight or focuses the camera on a special brand on a top that comes as a QR code most often. 

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How to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy (9 proven ways) 

On Facebook, you can use your product marketing but you have to ensure three basic actions. Fix your budget, precise your audience, and think creatively. Well, I am sharing 9 proven ways that wonder your business. 

1. Build long-term relationships: On social media platforms, people start their online businesses because of building long-term relationships. And the question arrives to whom you are targeting to make relationships? 

You need to focus on particular steps for Facebook marketing:

  • Age of the target customers 
  • Location 
  • Income of the consumers 
  • Why and who are the users of your product 
  • What type of issues arrive with your service and find the solutions 

Well if you have followers on your business page, then you can check everything from Audience Insights to know about your exciting customers. Also, you can know about the interest, hobbies, and past purchase activity of your customers. 

Based on this information you can upgrade your business. Thus you can make long-term good relationships with your audience. 

2. Update business page template: It is important to update your Facebook business page. You need to follow some processes to optimize your Facebook page. 

  • Add photos

The profile and cover picture on your business page is important to understand your business type. Only uploading photos is not accomplished the purpose. You know that impressions count. 

For ensuring the quality of your profile picture you should focus on the pixels. Keep your profile picture 180 X 180 pixels which enhances the glance. Make your business logo in such a way that it is noticeable and recognizable. 

The cover photo is another important part of the page. It carries the business slogans so that audience gets a vibe of the brand. Try to maintain the dimension of the cover photo and the pixel of the photo is 851 X 315 pixels. While changing the photo try to keep it colorful so that catches the eyes of the audience. 

  • Write a short description 

You should tell your audience about your business. Precisely describe (among 255 characters) business info and include a phone number, email, and website link of your business. 

  • Use a username 

Add your username because it will show in your custom Facebook URL. if you add a username it will be easy to remember for the customers. While choosing your username, try to select a unique name that is easy to find and recognize. 

  • Set up page roles 

To run a Facebook page for business, you have to fix some page roles such as admin (operate the page), editor (same role as admin), moderator (make ads), advertiser (same task as moderator), analyst (analyze the post and view), jobs manager (do everything to manage jobs). 

  • Add a page CTA 

Add a call-to-action button at the top of your page. Choose which button (send a message, contact us, call now, send an email, and sign up) people can see on your page. 

3. Use Facebook tools: Three types of tools you should use for your business page as: 

  • Facebook business manager 

For managing your paid and systematic posts you should use Facebook business manager. Even you can dominate the entrance of individual users. This tool helps to expand communication as well. 

  • Facebook groups 

Facebook groups help to make a community with relevant members. Select the top Facebook group in Bangladesh and make your community. 

  • Facebook Chatbot 

The Facebook chatbot is an important tool for communicating with customers individually. Initially, you can add artificial intelligence to support your customers, and then while you get time try to solve their problems through the chatbot. 

4. Fix a budget for marketing: There are two types of marketing strategy such as paid and organic marketing. Based on your budget you can select which you can afford. 

Paid marketing: This paid marketing strategy works in many ways. You can hire an influencer, run ads or boost your posts. To run your ads you need to make content and copy for your products. 

Organic marketing: Organic marketing is available for anyone. If you plan for spreading your brand value you can do live events, give contests to the audience, or offer discounts on products. 

5. Plan your content: When you make content try to make it informative, and entertaining. Then think deeply about what type of post is relevant to your business and optimize your post timing so that audience can watch it when they are active online. 

While making video content for your product, don’t forget to make a native video. Follow the trend while making video content. Because the audience loves to watch innovative content. 

You should make content on certain occasions. Try to avoid irreverent content. Make meaningful content for your product promotion.

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Finally, follow a schedule for Facebook content. Maintain consistency to post your content. 

6. Create mobile content: Almost 80% of people use mobile to spend their time on social media. So when you think to run your ads on Facebook. Also, users don’t prefer to use Facebook on their desktops. So focus to make mobile marketing content. 

7. Post more than sharing links: Regular posing content increase engagement rather than only sharing links. Even when you post any content about your product your followers will share it. So you can post images, text, and videos about your product that easily spread to the users’ news feeds. 

8. Install meta pixel: Meta pixel is a code that helps you to know the result of the ads. You can track, test, and target your audience with the help of meta-pixel. In this case, you need to select your web to get data and click connect. 

9. Tracking and measuring results: Track the results when you post any image or content. Check how many likes you get from your business page, notice how many new users visit your page, and how many reactions you get per post. 

Read the comments carefully to understand the users’ minds. You have competitors and haters who like to troll and post bad comments on your page. You should know how to protect your brand’s reputation from haters.  

You should also measure the growth of your business page. Also, track the views of your content. If you know the number of views, you can measure your progress. Even you should focus on Facebook reactions. The reactions help to know the audience’s attitude. Last but not least track your ROI. But fix your goals and then measure your targets. 

Are you ready to start your Facebook marking campaign? 

I hope you can get some clear ideas for your Facebook marketing campaign. You can increase your brand awareness and sales as well. 

However, some business owners still struggling to run a successful Facebook marketing campaign. In Bangladesh, there are many marketing agencies but they are costly to afford. If you feel any problem don’t worry about it. You can contact digiSocial to solve your Facebook marketing issue. Also, don’t get scared about the budget. digiSocial offers a reasonable price for its social media marketing services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

All types are good for Facebook ads and the types of ads depend on your object. However, Facebook ads embrace video because it increases the engagement rate.

Yes, Facebook marketing is effective because it is one of the biggest social media platforms and marketers rely on it. If you use a Facebook marketing campaign for your business, there is a high chance to get your target customers as well as brand recognition.

Use these Facebook marketing tips for upgrading your business. The strategies are mentioned below:  

  • Use pin for posts 
  • Try Facebook live 
  • Post fresh content 
  • Research your audience and competitors 
  • Optimize your Facebook page 
  • Make content for connecting not selling 
  • Use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp 
  • Use stories 
  • Precise your audience 
  • Choose ad placement

Whether to hire a Facebook ads agency depends on your expertise, budget, time availability, and need for specialized skills. If you lack the knowledge or time to manage campaigns effectively, an agency can provide expertise, save time, and potentially improve campaign performance.

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