Why Small Businesses Should Use and Invest in Social Media Marketing in Bangladesh

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If you are asking, why small businesses should use and invest in social media marketing in Bangladesh then you are in the right place. As I will discuss how social media can help a small business grow and why you should invest in social media marketing.

In terms of marketing, small businesses must have a strong social media marketing strategy in this digital age.

Social media marketing helps a small business to gain brand awareness through a few selected strategies which will help you to get the relevant customers who are looking for your products or brands similar to yours.

If your potential customers cannot find you because your small business has little to no social media presence.

As a result, you would be losing a big chunk of consumers who are always online.

The days of typical marketing plans are gone with the emergence of digital marketing.

How important is social media marketing for small businesses?

As the world is moving to the digital realm traditional marketing strategies won’t work as effectively as they did in the past.

This is why small business owners are investing in SMM rather than flushing their money down the drain by doing traditional marketing.

According to datereportal.com, Facebook has 2.936 billion users making it the largest social media platform for small businesses to do some effective social media marketing for Bangladesh.

YouTube advertisements have a reach of 2.476 billion and Instagram has 1.440 billion potential users. 

26.5% of users between 16-64 years old use social media platforms specifically to purchase something.

The numbers don’t lie, social media platforms are a treasure trove of potential customers.

Let us check out a few stats on why small businesses should use and invest in social media marketing in Bangladesh. 

What is social media marketing for small businesses?

Promoting your small business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more is known as SMM (social media marketing).

Social media platforms help small businesses create brand awareness by posting relevant content, generating leads, driving more traffic, and increasing the rate of conversion.

With the help of online marketing strategies, your small business can take the advantage of the platforms full of potential customers.

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Social Media?

why small business should use social media

Social media platforms are bridging the gap between small businesses and customers. The reasons that small businesses need to use social media are:

  • Helps with Branding
  • Communication
  • Ads
  • Engaging Content
  • Social Media Monitoring

Helps with Branding

Small businesses can benefit from using social media for branding purposes. As of July 2022, 59.0% of the total global population uses social media.

With so many potential customers floating around on the internet you can create more brand awareness.

Increasing brand awareness helps with getting more followers. By posting unique and creative content your followers will help you to increase your sales.


In the old days, communicating with potential or existing customers was difficult, to say the least. Nowadays communication with customers has become easier with the rise of social media platforms.

This helps to maintain your reputation with the customers, engaging with customers to keep the current customers updated, respond to crises quicker, and build good customer support.

Social media enhances the buyer and seller experience as you can convey quick and effective responses to any queries they have about your product.

Communication with unsatisfied customers has become so easy that you can try and solve the customers’ problems without tarnishing your reputation.

If they are praising then be humble and react to their post and always thank them for their trust.

Effective customer support will show the user that you are not only interested in selling your products but customer relationship is important as well. 

Useful communication ensures that you retain your old customer and chances are they will drive more customers if they are satisfied.


Targeted ads in social media are an excellent tool. It is cost-effective and you can promote your small business by using the correct content to target your specific audience.

Ads can target specific users by creating content that will appeal to your customers by choosing the right demographic data, area, language, and online footprint.

Pay for the amount of targeted audience you want to reach so that you don’t have to put a dent in your budget. 

The inexpensive retargeting ads can reach a wide audience which will give a boost to your revenue.

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Engaging Content

Social media content that is relevant to your business helps to promote your brand. By researching the market and your competitors you can determine what kind of content your customers will be able to relate to.

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You can also ask your customers directly by creating a poll or survey you will formulate some idea on what kind of content your customers want. Giving people what they want is a sure way to increase your brand’s value and it is likely to share with others in their list.

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Social Media Monitoring

Keeping up to date with the help of social media monitoring tools will help you stay ahead of the curve. Social media monitoring will provide you with valuable data that will help you to determine which kind of marketing strategy will work best for your users.

Using analytics you will be to tell which kind of demographic your posts are getting the most unique impressions on so you can decide who should be your targeted audience.

You will be able to do competitor research as well as social media monitoring. Knowing what your competition is up to will provide you with a tool that can be used to stay ahead of your social media marketing strategy. Learning from your competitors’ mistakes will help you to avoid them and if you can solve their mistakes then you drive their customers to you.

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How Can Social Media Help A Business Grow?

For small businesses, social media platforms are full of potential customers. Using the right strategies and processes you would be able to reach a wider range of audience.

Posting content that will drive users to your website so you can sell your product or you can promote and sell on social media platforms. Social media’s wide range of audiences helps to promote your brand awareness.

More and more customers are looking for things they need on social media platforms. When social media marketing is done correctly you will be able to reach more customers.

With easy-to-implement strategies that are relatively inexpensive and can be quickly put into action.

To learn more about: how to develop a social media marketing strategy.

Tips to Remember

  • Different social media has different users so your content needs to be platform specific.
  • Social media marketing will help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Connect more with prospective customers so you will know what type of posts they are more likely to interact with so that you can make sales.

Social Media Marketing in Bangladesh

Social media platforms are the best place for a small business to promote its brand or product.

To promote your business choosing the right platform and knowing what kind of content to post is crucial. If you choose the wrong platform or can’t create quality content then you will only be pouring money into an ineffective technique with no tangible result.

To get profitable results you need digiSocial as your digital marketing partner. With the help of social media marketing experts, digiSocial will create high-quality content, and boost the post so that it can get the maximum outreach to the targeted audience.

digiSocial is here to build a community of followers for your small business.

Final Words

If you read the whole article then you will know why small businesses should use and invest in social media marketing in 2023.

The country is becoming digital every day so the shift in marketing strategies is also changing. If you don’t include SMM in your marketing plan for your small business then you are not reaching many potential customers. For your small business to grow you need to SMM in 2023.

Influencer Marketing nowadays is an outstanding method to upgrade brand recognition on social media platforms. To take your business next level, Influencer Marketing can be your best choice. To learn more benefits of it read our in-depth guide on key Benefits of Influencer Marketing in Bangladesh. This guide will help you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media platforms are a great way to stay connected with your customers, create brand awareness, and promote your brand to specific audiences. A highly effective medium to grow your clientele and increase your brand’s growth.

Yes, you need social media marketing for small businesses in 2023. You can find new customers and promote your small business’s products on social media to boost your business’s growth.

The main reason small businesses use social media are:

  • Create brand awareness.
  • Sharing the brands’ services and products.
  • Advertise the small business.
  • Achieve a greater target audience.
  • Offer customer support.

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